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Welcome to our Match Reports page. There will not necessarily be a report on every match and nor will it be a blow by blow account, more of a general personal view of the day by the writer.

There will also occasionally be items on other matters such as waters that we have visited, tackle shops etc.

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26th March 2018

Tylers Common Ash Lake

Our new season had to be slightly delayed due to the recent cold spell. Temperatures of minus 7, including the wind chill factor, are not conducive to angling matters or ageing bones! :-)

I met Terry for the obligatory breakfast on route to Tylers and while we sampled the much needed sustenance we mulled over what the day (and the new season) would bring.

The waiting queue outside the gates to the venue however was met with a new electronic gates system. It turns out, they are not so electronic, well they are as such, but failed to function as intended. Either the timing mechanism failed or the supposed sensor ramp to signal for the gates to open didn't happen! Eventually the bailiff turned up and the gates were opened manually. Ain't technology wonderful? ;-)

The usual 'Wacky Races' scenario ensued as match and pleasure anglers raced to jostle for position in the car park for the shortest walk to their chosen lake, which always amuses me!

The walk down 'Cardiac Hill' to the lakes is not usually a problem, but the muddied incline now tries to entrap the unsuspecting angler by forcibly dragging them and their wheel Barrows/platforms at such a speed that was quite unnerving, and nearly forced me to enter tobogganing mode!

Sadly, most of the concrete plinths on the pegs we were allocated had virtually disappeared into Ash Lake and are in need of desperate repair, and most of us had to site our seat boxes on nearby mud/remaining grass.

It was good to be out after the recent miserable weather. Although it was overcast, it was pleasantly warm and hardly a breath of wind. Early spring can be a strange time to angle, as warmish days and cold nights tend to leave the fish in a strange mood. They are feeding/active one minute and then completely stop feeding the next, and this is how it was for most of the day.

It was important to feed, but only in small amounts and to sit and wait patiently for each opportunity to catch. Most indications on the float or the quiver tip were minimal and then you would have to repeat the process. I made the mistake of trying to push the peg in one area of my swim and it killed it instantly after feeding one ball of soft ground bait. Lesson learnt.

Terry on the end peg next to me had only caught two fish by the midday break. His peg has good previous form and I said to him just to stick at what he was doing and it would come good in the end. Indeed it did, and he posted the best weight of the day to win the match with a hard earned 72-12-0 very well done Terry. Bob Edwards was second with 61-3-0, Dave Barr was third with 56-1-0 and Mark Beard was fourth with 54-1-0. Most of the other weights were close too so it had been a fair contest. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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8th April 2018

Tricklebrook Match Lake

More Rain, and more mud!......Deep joy! Is spring ever going to happen? Still, at least it was a bit warmer.

We welcomed Graham Walker our newest member. Thank you for joining LGAC.

We pegged the main part of the lake and everyone had some part of the central island and plenty of room to fish to, but the water level was high, very coloured and cold due to the recent influx of rain etc.

It was fairly clear to most of us that today would be a struggle and it turned out that way, which is a shame as we know there are plenty of fish here but they only fed in short spells and this was reflected in the final weights.

Terry Benson finished in top spot with a well deserved 44-8-0. Well Fished Terry. Andrew Williams was second with 35-3-0, Dave Barr was third with 28-6-0 and Graham Walker was fourth with 21-10-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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22nd April 2018

Pittlands Lake A

We had breakfast followed by our 2017 trophy presentation. The weather forecast was for plenty of sunshine with a steadily increasing warm south westerly wind. Perfect! :-)

We usually fish our first match of the season at this venue as a silver fish match only, but because the weather was warmer and being our third match of 2018 we decided to have a normal match and weigh carp in too.

Our final match on this lovely lake last December was a very dour affair. Bites were very difficult to come by and the lake continued like this until mid March.

Since then the lake has been stocked with a thousand pound of roach up to a pound and this along with the better weather seems to have revitalised the lake and has been fishing well. A midweek visit to see how it was fishing and signs looked very promising for the weekend match.

Plenty of quality silver fish along with some nice carp were caught on a very enjoyable day. Mark Beard won the day with 49-11-0, Andrew Williams was second with 32-12-0, third was Gary Fishlock with 29-10-0 and fourth was Dave Barr with 29-5-0.

Former member Simon Glendinning also joined us as our guest for the day and weighed in 24-11-0.

Well done everyone.

Mark Beard

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13th May 2018

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 5

After stopping for the obligatory breakfast en route to Orchard Place, I was really looking forward to our match today. Overcast skies with a gentle warm westerly wind usually signifies a day's shallow fishing for the prolific F1's that inhabit this lake.

As I pulled into the car park I was surprised by how many cars were already there, a sure sign that the better weather is here! :-) As I stood drinking a coffee and looking at the lake, I could see the F1's topping. It was good to be here.

The rules were read out and the draw made and everyone went to their pegs. I had drawn a reasonable area and with Gary and Terry for immediate company this would add to an already enjoyable day.

Terry had already caught three F1's before I could coax a bite! The first three hours were a blur! F1 after F1 graced our nets and an enormous weight looked possible. About 11 o'clock, I noticed that the frequency of my bites was beginning to slow down. The sun popped out and stayed with us for the rest of the day and the F1's disappeared and by the midday break I couldn't get a bite. So typical of F1 fishing and I smiled to myself, though I could never be disappointed about the sport I had enjoyed. I decided to weigh my catch and return these beautiful fish. Three nets totalled up to 147 pound.

In truth the hectic fishing in the morning was replaced by the complete opposite in the afternoon. Most of us struggled for bites and the odd fish was caught, but it was never the same.

The whistle was blown and the final result showed that Bob Edwards had shown his class by weighing in a superb 244-12-0 for first place. Well fished Bob. Mark Beard was a distant second with 201-2-0, Terry Benson was third with 187-4-0 and Andrew Williams was fourth with 171-0-0.

A special mention for our guest Rhys Walker, thank you for company and help today, who weighed in a very commendable 106-5-0. Well Fished. I was asked not to mention the fact that he had beaten his brother Graham today, so I won't! ;-) Well done all.

Mark Beard

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20th May 2018

Lucks Lane Fishery

There are new match rules at Lucks Lane Fishery regarding the use of their supplied keep nets, landing nets and a limit of 50 pounds per keep net. This of course is their prerogative, but it does take some imaginative weighing in procedures as each angler is supplied with just two keep nets at present.

Thankfully the carp were going through their pre spawning rituals and weights would not be as prolific as they can be at this fishery during our match. My carp averaged 3 pound each and it won't take long to reach net limits therefore facilitating a weigh in possibly every couple of hours during normal summer catches.

Overcast and cooler morning temperatures were conducive to better catching conditions and indeed most of us caught the majority of our carp. The afternoon weather turned to clearer skies and brighter warmer conditions and the carp seemed to switch off and returned to their annual nuptials.

Terry Benson won the day with a well earned 130-10-0. Well deserved Terry. Andrew Williams was a close second with 129-0-0, third was Bob Edwards with 124-13-0 and fourth was Mark Beard with 90-12-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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3rd June 2018

Monks Lake 2

I'm afraid another story of woe and missed opportunities, or should that be poor decision making and misfortune? Probably the latter two in my case, I've never lost so many potentially match winning fish, and to rub it in either more, from a very good peg!

An end peg draw on Lake 2 is usually guaranteed a framing place. We were all afforded lots of room, but the lake had been match fished two days on the trot previously so we expected our weights to be lower than normal.

The weather was hot and sunny, and early on the carp were teasing us by showing themselves shallow and out of pole range. The morning passed very quickly and by the midday break I really didn't have a lot to show for my efforts. Our newest LGAC member, Rhyse Eyles, was enjoying some spectacular silver fish action weighing in 38 pound of decent skimmers.

Referring back to my 'misfortune' quote in the first paragraph, another match was taking place on the other part of Lake 2 behind me. The end peg I'd drawn was closest to the roadway and the endless procession of anglers complete with hob nail boots and enough noise to wake up the dead proceeding to their pegs put pay to fishing the roadside bank, the fish had scarpered on their arrival! :-)

The 'poor' decision making started when I'd decided to leave my margin pole at home. The carp in this pool have grown to a very good average stamp as shown by the two first carp I caught after our midday break; they certainly weighed well over 20 pounds between them.

What was strange was the lost fish as mentioned earlier. One always expects to lose the odd fish in such a prolific lake, but these fish were definitely properly hooked in the mouth and played accordingly, and then proceeded to frustratingly loose sizeable carp near the landing net. I use tackle that is well balanced and trusted and was beginning to doubt my skills and experience and was ruing these missed opportunities. A much needed coffee and a rethink sorted out the problems, and the answer as always, was the feeding.

Terry Benson made no mistake from the other end peg on our side weighing in a well earned 181-1-0 to win his fourth match of our season so far, very well fished Terry. Although Terry also mentioned lost fish had been a problem for himself too, so perhaps it was just the way it was on the day. Mark Beard finished a distant second with 117-10-0, third was Bob Edwards with 114-15-0 and fourth was Gary Fishlock, again on an end peg, with 106-1-0.

The margins eventually came to life and got me out of trouble only for the 3 Oclock match to finish behind me and then we were treated to another noisy procession back to their vehicles and my margin fish disappeared! The joys of match fishing eh? :-) Well done all.

Mark Beard

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17th June 2018

New Claygate - Lake Sophie

I enjoy match fishing here. You have to think about what you're doing, how you approach your peg etc, with depths to seven feet and sheer sides, with very little way in the way of shelves to fish to, getting it wrong can make or break your day. With plenty of cover across on the far bank and near bank tree, bush and reed cover, you have a plethora of features to investigate. The F1's here average a very good size and with carp, bream and plenty of other silvers to fish for, a good days sport is virtually guaranteed.

We were afforded lots of room on Lake Sophie (Thank you to Dave at Claygate, much appreciated.) and most enjoyed a great days sport.

Bob Edwards was our eventual winner with a fine bag of silvers and F1's, weighing 168-12-0, very well angled Bob. Ross McGilvery was second with 158-2-0, third was Terry Benson with 97-14-0 and Mark Beard was fourth with 95-15-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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1st July 2018

Woodpecker Lake

We hadn't visited this lovely fishery for over seven years. It's situated in the beautiful West Sussex countryside near Crawley.

Unfortunately our match was probably on one of the hottest periods for a long while and the fishing was very difficult. Loads of fish were cruising around in the upper layers and proved very hard to catch.

As is always the case, when it's like this, the peg you draw is very important and if you had a shaded swim you would catch a few.

Dave Barr won his first match of 2018 with a very hard earned 57-10-0. Very well fished Dave and fully deserved. Bob Edwards was second with 44-12-0; Gary Fishlock was third with 43-14-0 and Terry Benson was fourth with 41-11-0. So although it was difficult conditions it was a closely contested match....But that walk up the hill to the car park, lung busting! Well done all.

Mark Beard

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