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As so many of us go to Bridgnorth each year, we now have a Bridgnorth page
Bridgnorth 2006 - photos by Mark Beard and Ian Edgeler

We also have a Google Map of all the important places we go to eat, drink, sleep and fish.

  • Red balloons are eating, drinking and sleeping places.
  • Yellow pegs are tackle shops and manufacturers.
  • Blue are tourist things.
  • Pink are fisheries we have used in the past.
  • Green are other fisheries in the area.
Bridgnorth the Town

For those of you who don't know Bridgnorth, it is a market town on the River Severn in Shropshire about 30 miles West of Birmingham and dates back to Saxon times. The river has some of the best barbel fishing in the country.

The town is in 2 parts. High Town, on the East bank of the river, is about 100 feet above Low Town, on the West bank.

You can read more about it on the bridgnorthjournal.com website More Info


There is lots of accommodation of all types in and around Bridgnorth catering for the angler.

These are some that we have tried but if they don't suit you just do a Google search

Terry and Shirley - B&B

Our early years at Bridgnorth were very happily spent at Terry and Shirley's B&B which was right on the riverbank and they even had their own private stretch of river on the doorstep. There was always, and still is a, warm welcome with spotless accommodation. Unfortunately they decided to retire a few years ago but they still live there and we keep in regular touch and fish their stretch of river. It was here that I caught most of the barbel shown in the photos above.

The Black Horse

One of our favourite watering holes had always been The Black Horse pub so it was logical that, when Terry and Shirley decided to retire, we should stay there. The accommodation was newly refurbished to a high standard, the beer was good with plenty of guest ales, and it was almost next door to the tackle shop and the river. Better still you only had a short crawl up the stairs at the end of the evening and there was always an excellent breakfast waiting in the morning.

We happily spent 2 or 3 years staying there but, being "soft Southerners", we prefer having rooms to ourselves (and don't mind paying for the privilege). Unhappily, the last time we stayed there they messed up the booking even though it had been booked a year in advance, and some of our party got shuffled around without warning or much in the way of an apology.

We decided to vote with our feet and find other accommodation. It was a great pity because we had always been very happy there. We do still drink there.

WARNING - Don't play poker with the boss. He's a pro!

The Falcon

After the problems at the Black Horse we decided to try The Falcon which was only a few yards away. Frankly, The Falcon has not had a good reputation as any search of the internet will reveal, but we had a look at it while we were up there and decided that it was adequate for our needs so booked it on the spot.

Fortunately for us Bob E loves planning things so when he phoned them about a month before we were due to go, he discovered that they had had at least 2 changes of management in the intervening 12 months and that there was no record of our booking! Not a promising start but Dave, the new manager, and his wife, and the rest of their team, soon sorted things out and bent over backwards to look after us.

A lot of money was spent on the bar area a few years ago but they had stopped short of refurbishing the accommodation so the rooms were a bit 'tired' and in need of a few quid spent on some low level maintenance but they all had ensuite baths or shower rooms with Hot & Cold running water, a TV, clean sheets and comfortable beds. The food was very good and the staff very friendly. What more can you ask for? Anyway we decided unanimously to book again for 2009.

A year later and Dave is still there and tells us that he has managed to sort out a lot of the silly problems that were evident when we were there and, better still, he has brought in some new guest ales. OK it isn't a Travelodge but would they welcome a bunch of anglers with alltheir wet tackle? I'm looking forward to our visit this year to see if they have updated the roms and, of course, to test the guest beers.

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