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Welcome to our Match Reports page. There will not necessarily be a report on every match and nor will it be a blow by blow account, more of a general personal view of the day by the writer.

There will also occasionally be items on other matters such as waters that we have visited, tackle shops etc.

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31st December 2006

Where Did the Year Go?

As I write this I am beset with the age old question, "Where did the year go?". It only seems like yesterday that I was sitting here, full of Christmas pudding, writing a summary of the 2005 season, full of hopes and aspirations for 2006. No sooner had the season started, than it was over. But what a season !

Between us we managed to catch over 9900 lbs of fish giving an average of 686 lbs each and in the process smashed our previous record by miles and usually with fewer people fishing. 

At Arrans we also set a new club record with a collective catch of 1538-9-8 between 9 people. The top 4, Bob Edwards, Maureen Chatfield, Bryan Coombes and Biagio Scialo, all had over 200 lb. Even in last place, I had 83-15-8.

There were also some very creditable record breaking individual achievements along the way.

Bob Edwards, while on the way to winning 7 matches, set a new club record catch at Arrans with 274-6-0.

Bryan Coombes set 2 new lake records at Chart Lake with 160-10-8 and at Horsmonden with 135-11-8.

Best among some brilliant silverfish catches was Brian Seager at Elphicks with 53-13-8.

Personally, I had a much better season than 2005 catching 587-14-8 in 11 matches which gave me an average of over 55 lbs per match. I even managed to win 1 match and come second in 2 others. That was my first win for over 5 years and made up a bit for the number of last places I also had.

On top of that, during a golden week at the end of September, I caught a perch of 3 lb and a 13-7-0 carp. Both personal bests. But my most memorable day was at Bridgnorth in August when, on the last day of a most enjoyable week, I caught 8 river barbel, the best being 10 lb.

Although breaking records is great, the really nice thing about the whole year has been the great camaraderie amongst the members. If you had a problem there was always someone to help. All any of us want is for everybody to catch fish and enjoy themselves along the way. Not a bad philosophy.

Who knows? With a bit more expert tuition I might do even better next year and I am sure that we will be breaking the 10,000 lb barrier.

Tight lines.

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24th November 2006

Rockell's Farm, Duddenhoe End, Saffron Walden, Essex

This is a well known, prolific fishery consisting of one lake, well tucked away in the Essex countryside.  I haven't fished it for a couple of years so I was, as always, looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with the lake.  They don't allow groundbait so that ruled out 'the method' which I think is quite a good idea.

One of their other rules is that no fish over 3lb can be kept in a keepnet  which means that you virtually have to weigh in every second fish.  How they ever manage to accumulate 200lb catches, which are quite common, is beyond me.  This is not the only fishery to present this problem.

The weather forecast was for plenty of rain and unfortunately they got it right this time.  As we set out for our pegs the heavens opened, as they continued to do for a fair part of the day.  Never mind we all had our brolleys with us, except that mine started playing up. 

I have to explain here that I have never had much luck with fishing brolleys in spite of spending considerable sums of money on some of the best around.  While I was setting up my brolley decided decided to close for no apparent reason, about 4 times.  Never mind.  I fixed that.  Put a clamp on it.  A couple of hours later a strong gust of wind caught it, turned it half inside out and bent the pole.  Never mind.  Straightened the pole and sorted out the arms.  Fine.  An hour later there was an ominous crack as the centre pole finally broke.  Oh dear!  Broke of the damaged bit and stuffed it back on the ground spike.  Miraculously peace was restored for the rest of the day.

While all this was going on I was actually managing to catch some fish, mostly carp, up to 8lb and I was gradually realising that I was probably catching more than most.  In the event John Barker showed us all the way home with over 109lb but I came second with 74-1-0.

It was good to see our visitor, Dave Barr, having a good result with 55-14.  It looks like we might have a new member there.

I do seem to be having a mixed season.  I either come last or come in the top 3.  Anyway Rockells lived up to its reputation of being a good fishery even in adverse conditions.

Oh well it's almost the end of our season.  Just Nupers Hatch to go.  Better sort out a brolley for there.  It always rains.  I could add it to my Christmas wish list but on the other hand, if anybody needs a brolley tester, just send me an email.

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12th November 2006

Park Farm Moat, Stanhope, Kent

I had heard such glowing reports about this venue that I was really looking forward to our day here.  We were reliably informed that it fishes well "even if you have to break the ice".  For this reason we had left it until later in the season as good Winter venues are harder to find.

The lake, controlled by Stanhope A.S., is a 'U' shaped channel varying in width from about 12m to 15m.  Whether it ever was actually a Moat I don't know, but it is now in the middle of a new housing estate.  Despite that the surroundings are quite nice.

Unfortunately that is the only nice thing I can say about the day.  We had 5 people with us, including 3 guests, who have fished it regularly and they all agreed that it was the worst days fishing they have ever had there.  If you weren't at the ends of the lake then you probably didn't catch much.  I eventually packed up about 2pm having had enough of the changing wind and minimal amount of fish from a swim that I was later told shouldn't have been pegged.

The 2 top weights came from either end of the lake and Bob and Mark worked very hard for what they caught.

Oh well, another one to chalk up to experience.  Next time maybe.

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15th October 2006

Osprey Lake, Woodpecker Fishery, Copthorne, Sussex

This is a very nice looking fishery consisting of 2 or 3 lakes tucked away in Sussex farmland.  Unfortunately our visits here are rather spoilt by the unusually long walk from the car park, especially if you are fishing Osprey Lake.  Not very user friendly!  Unless access gets better this may well be our last visit.

We weren't expecting a big bag up session like we had at Arran's last time out because it is not that type of fishery and also the temperature has dropped steadily over the last week.  I had only fished Osprey once before a couple of years ago so I was pretty open minded.

Made my usual indifferent draw which meant I had to hike most of the way around to the other side of the lake.  Oh deep joy, even more walking.  I felt a bit better when I got my breath back and had a look at the swim.  I was spoilt for choice with lots of features even though the water was about 2 feet down from its normal depth.

After about 2 hours with little to show for my efforts I realised that I was fishing it all wrong so had a bit of a change around and hey presto!  I started to catch steadily for the rest of the day.  My best was a carp of 13 lbs.  Mostly they were about 4 or 5 lbs.

By the end of the day I knew that I had done quite well relative to all the others that I could see but there were several tucked away in corners that I couldn't see.  Come the scales and it turned out that I had done even better than I had hoped.  I weighed in 76-6-8 which was good enough to win by over 6 lbs.  To say that I was chuffed is an understatement.  It's my first win since joining Lee Green.  In fact it's so long since I won a match that I can't remember the last one.

Just shows if you keep plugging away at it, one day you will get it right.

I do hope that they sort out the parking.  I rather like it there.

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1st October 2006

Arrans, Ingatestone, Essex - House Side

There is only one word to describe this match "WOW!!!!!"

For those of you who don't know this fishery, it is basically one large lake stuffed with fish, mainly carp.  It doesn't seem to matter too much where you draw, you should be on fish.  Everybody had been looking forward to this match as large bags are the norm and today was no exception.

The weather to say the least was exciting with thunder and lightning, heavy rain, hailstones and brilliant sunshine all mixed in together.  The only thing that seemed to stop the fish feeding all day was when my umbrella blew in about mid-day and sank in 3 feet of water right in the middle of my swim.  Hey ho!  Nothing changes.

The fishing was nothing short of superb! 

The match winner, Bob Edwards, spent all morning fishing for silverfish because he was trying to win the Silverfish Trophy.  By midday he had caught over 20lbs of mainly small roach and rudd, along with a few large carp, and decided that the catch rate was too low and switched to fishing for the carp.  He finished with a new club record of 274-6-0 which means that he caught over 220lb of fish in the afternoon.

The next 3 places, Maureen Chatfield, Bryan Coombes and Biagio Scialo, were all over 200lb.  5th place went to Mark beard with 182-10-8.    All personal match records.  Brian Seager had a very creditable 141-9-8 and Bob Gaylard weighed-in 131-8-8 in 7th place (his first 'ton').

There has to be a special mention for our scalesman Ross McGilvery who, in spite of having to weigh in over 50 large fish during the course of the match, still managed to weigh-in 84-3-8.

All together, between 9 of us, we weighed in 1538-9-8 a new club record.

This takes our total weight for the season to 8442-8-0, again a new club record, and we still have 5 matches to go.

And me?  I came last of course with 83-15-8 which is still my best weight at this fishery.  But even that had a silver lining because I caught my second personal best of the week with a 13-7-0 carp.  I blame the umbrella (which I got back thanks to Bryan Coombes wading in for me after the match).  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

One day I'll get it right.

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28th September 2006

Unexpected Birthday Present

I decided this year that I was going to treat myself to a day off from work on my birthday, for the first time ever, and have a day out fishing, especially after my poor result at the last match.

Apart from Lee Green A.C. I belong to another club which has some brilliant waters in Sussex and so it was off to one of them that I took myself.  When I got there I realised that it wasn't where I had intended to go (I was obviously having a senior moment when I made my choice) but decided to stay anyway as all their waters are good.

The lake I chose has a good head of most species but inevitably the carp were mostly in evidence apart from a nice pair of tench about 4lb each.  But about 1pm I decided on a change of tactics which brought an immediate and unexpected result.  The float dipped and disappeared but the tug on the line told me that this was no carp or tench.  I thought at first that it was a large eel from the powerful jagging runs but was delighted when I eventually bought a large perch to the net.  Got to be about 2lb I thought.   

The scales proved just how wrong you can be when estimating the weight of some fish.  In fact it weighed exactly 3lb, more than doubling my previous best!  Now that's what you call a birthday present.

The bait was that well known perch bait, 3 grains of corn.  Just shows you can never tell what the fish will take a fancy to. 

You can have a look at the fish and a very chuffed angler below.

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17th September 2006

Private Lake, Near Horsmonden, Kent

After my successful outing at Buxted I was really looking forward to this match even though I have never really got to grips with the venue.  It's a beautiful lake, well looked after and with a good head of fish.  There is even an area we call 'the boards' which is actually an excellently prepared area for disabled anglers with a properly ramped access.

Some of the guys love fishing 'the boards'.  Me, I can never get comfortable there.  Don't know why,  It's just me.  So where did I draw?  'The boards' of course. 

There are a few nice ornamentals in the lake such as the one caught by John Noonan. Bryan Coombes caught 135-11-8 which is a new lake record and there were quite a few other commendable catches.  Between us we caught 591-4-0 which means that after only 15 matches we have already caught 6903-14-8 which is nearly 350 lbs more than in the whole of last year and we still have six matches to go.

So how did I get on? Managed to make my usual hash of it and came last, again with 32-9-0.  Oh well, there's always next year.

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3rd September 2006

Oast Farm, Buxted, Sussex

This was my first match following our successful week in Bridgnorth (see the Photos page) and I was anxious to get out and try my hand in a match again.  The lake at Buxted is quite small but 'beautifully formed' as they say, with plenty of features all around the lake.  I had only fished it once before, in November 2005, when I was quite impressed with the possibilities.

I managed to draw the 'Golden Peg' which is usually the kiss of death to your days fishing, especially me.  The Golden Peg is a small competition we have where you pay in £1 each match and if you a fortunate/skilful enough to win the match from that peg you win all the money in the pot.  Even for the more adept amongst us it is quite a tall order so it usually only gets won 3 or 4 times a year.

As usual I wasn't ready at the start but managed to get a feeder out and caught a small carp on the first cast, always a bad omen for me.  I then sat for the next 1 1/2 hours watching and listening to fish coming out all around me. I couldn't buy a bite.  Deep Joy!  Did I panic?  Of course I did.

Anyway I stuck to my gameplan and finally it started to come together.  I started to catch carp consistently,  The only problem was that I was catching smaller carp quite quickly on the feeder but I was catching better fish on the inside line on the pole.  Should I stick to the feeder and abandon the pole or vice versa?  In the event I decided to stick with both rods and tough it out.  Boy was I glad I did.

Come the weigh in and, of the people that I could see, I was pretty sure that Brian Seager had caught more than me although Bob Edwards had weighed in 4 carp totalling over 42 lbs, including one well over 16lbs, and he still had 2 nets full.  I figured that I might have about 80lbs in total.

In the event Bob Edwards won with a magnificent 172-13-0 and I came second with 121-6-0 narrowly beating Maureen with 118-4-0 and Brian with 105-5-8.  Was I chuffed or what?  Not only was it my best match position in 3 years, it was my best match weight ever and only my second 'ton' in a match.

Between 9 of us we caught a total of 832-13-0, an average of 92-8-9 per angler.  A brilliant days fishing by any standards.  After 14 matches we are now less than 250lbs short of last years total with seven matches to go.  It looks like being a record breaking year all round,

A great day out which could only have been bettered for me if I had won the Golden Peg.  Still there's always next time.

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5th to 12th August 2006

River Severn, Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Time for our annual pilgrimage to Bridgnorth, home of the elusive barbel.  This is a beautiful part of the country with plenty of river fishing and some excellent commercial fisheries nearby.

Several members of the club now make an annual visit for a week of serious fishing, eating and light drinking.  This was my 3rd visit and I was determined that this year I was going to catch a barbel from the river.  I did catch a small one from a lake on the first year but was told "it doesn't count.  You have to catch one from the river".

Bob G was another barbel virgin on his first trip and he soon set about breaking his duck very early on, spending a day on the Severn with Mark and managing to tempt out a 6lb fish early in the week.  He later went on to catch his first catfish of about 6lbs on the pole.  Not the easiest way to do it but a great achievement.

By Wednesday I still hadn't even seen a barbel and most of us decided to spend a day on the river.  Eventually at about 3pm Mark, who had been very patiently coaching me all day long, hooked a barbel and selflessly gave me his rod and said "You land it".  I didn't need a second invitation.  It seemed to take a lifetime but eventually I managed to land a barbel of about 3lbs.  Definitely the hardest fighting fish, pound for pound, that I have ever caught.  Still it was nagging at me though that I hadn't actually hooked the barbel so I hadn't really caught it.

Next day I went with Dougie further up river to what looked like an idyllic spot.  A good flow in the centre of the river with plenty of eddies and fish holding features.  The weather wasn't so good, raining and overcast, but I didn't care because I caught my first river barbel!  Two in fact.  Only about 1 to 2 lbs but I was chuffed.  Dougie caught quite a few in his own quiet way

My joy was tempered a bit when I found out later that Mark had gone back to the same swim as the day before and caught 16 barbel up to about 8lbs.  Made mine look quite puny but brilliant work by Mark.

Friday, the last day, and I was determined to catch something a bit bigger for the photo album. John and Peter decided to go downstream to a known holding spot.  The rest of our party were going to a commercial (Boldings) for the day.  I decided to go back to where we fished on Wednesday knowing that there was a good chance that I wouldn't have a bite after the success which Mark had enjoyed there on Thursday.

I needn't have worried.  The first bite came while I was setting up my second rod when the butt of my first rod smacked me in the elbow.  The result was a very fit 5lb barbel.  In the end I landed 8 barbel during the day, mostly 4 to 5 lbs but with others of 6, 7 and 10lbs.  I even got a round of applause when I landed the 7 pounder from a family who had been passing by and stopped to watch.

To say that I was chuffed is a major understatement. Especially to catch one of 10lbs.  John later pointed out that it had taken him 20 years to catch a 'double' and he mostly only fishes for barbel.

Mission accomplished.  We have already booked for next year and I can't wait.

There's lots of photos to see for the nerds who like a blow by blow account and aren't easily bored by pics of other peoples fish.

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2nd July 2006

Leggat's Lake, East Grinstead

There is only one way to describe the weather for this match. HOT, HOT, HOT

The picturesque venue is well tucked away in a valley near Kingscote Station at the end of the Bluebell Railway Line near East Grinstead in Sussex.  The two lakes are stocked with match sized carp, bream and tench, with a lot of silvers thrown in for good measure.  Practice sessions have given us catches well over 100lbs with most baits working.

The weather seems to have made the bigger fish a bit lethargic because, although there was plenty of carp cruising around on the top they were studiously ignoring any bait that I put near them.  There were lots of small fry about though and this bodes well for the future.  Give it a couple of years and this could be an excellent fishery.

As it was I managed my usual mediocrity and came 6th with 25-5-0. 

Top weight was Mark Beard with a very creditable 74-5-0

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21st May 2006

Newland Hall, Moat Lake

This was one date on our calendar that I was determined not to miss.  Last year I caught my first ever 'ton' in a match and only came 4th. 

I also managed to drag Jack along as I knew he would enjoy it, and I wanted to make up for some earlier defeats!

The weather forecast was wind and rain.  Nothing different in that.  On the day, although it did rain for most of the afternoon, the wind mercifully stayed away.

The fishing was, as always, dynamite.  As is our usual custom at such prolific fisheries, we had a weigh in at lunch time.  Top weight was about 77lbs and I was well down the field with about 32-8-0.  Not to worry.  The fishing was good, although not as good as last year, and I was enjoying myself.  Better still, I was beating Jack.

The rain set in with a vengeance in the afternoon and I was sure that I was not catching as well, especially when I saw that Mark, in the next swim, was catching 2 fish to my 1.  I estimated that I had another 25lbs in the net by the final whistle and was gobsmacked to find that I actually had over 59lbs giving me a total of 91-4-8.  Only good enough for 7th place but what the hell, I'd had a great day.

John Noonan was like a dog with two tails because he had got his first ever 'ton' with 102-6-8 and 6th place.  Well done.

With the top weight being 194-7-8 the average was over 103lbs.  What a fishery!  The best bit for me?  I BEAT JACK!

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7th May 2006


Well I finally managed to get out to fish a match.  The weather forecast was not particularly good but I thought "What the hell".  As long as it wasn't a repeat of the 2004 outing, when it blew a gale and bucketed with rain for the entire day, I could put up with it.  Besides I was getting 'stir crazy'.

Come the day and we received a demonstration of what an imprecise art weather forecasting is.  Calm day, no rain (despite the black clouds) and plenty of sunshine, and plenty of fish.

It was only my third or fourth visit so I wasn't expecting miracles and was very pleasantly surprised with 39-12-0 and 6th place out of 12, only about 2-8 behind 3rd place.  Who knows with a bit more application I might make  a fisherman yet.

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6th May 2006


Well our new match season is now well under way and, due to other commitments, I haven't managed to get out to a match at all.  In fact since the obligatory outing on New Years Day I've only been out twice.  Both times with good companions and to good fisheries, although they were new to me, and I've had most enjoyable days even though my fishing was pretty indifferent as usual.

Meanwhile the real hardy enthusiasts amongst us have been out bagging up, with one notable exception at a venue we won't be visiting again.

Already they have caught over 900 lbs of fish in 4 matches.  Even better, this was not big catches of carp from the usual puddle but included many fine catches of silverfish.  The current Silverfish Trophy leader is Mark Beard with 46-9-0 and that is just the best of a good many large catches.

Christmas is now a distant memory but this year, when I was asked the usual question from my bewildered family "What do you want for Christmas?", I was ready for them. "I want a Wilson Heritage Centrepin reel" at which point their eyes glazed over.  "You'd better get it yourself then and we'll give you the money" was the universal response. 

After punting around a bit to find the going rate I finally bought it at my favourite tackle shop, Wickhams in East Grinstead, only a small shop but a great atmosphere, and run by people who know how to fish.  But back to the reel, what a beautiful piece of kit it is.  I was warned that it would take me 6 months to get used to using a centrepin again but, even after my sporadic forays with it, it feels like I've been using it for years.  Well worth the investment and so much quicker and more comfortable than using a pole.

If like me your years are advancing at an ever increasing rate, and your eyes are showing signs of the years of abuse you have put them through, you will know how expensive it is to buy glasses.  Especially if you want something a bit out of the norm like prescription sunglasses.  Well help is at hand.  I recently had an email from www.anglersnet.co.uk about a company that does all sorts of prescription glasses over the internet. 

You can find them at HERE. I haven't tried them yet as I need to get an up to date prescription, but they look as though they are very competitively priced.

Well best get on.  I'm hoping to get to our match tomorrow at Elphicks and I've got a lot of sorting out to do beforehand.

Tight lines

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