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Match Reports 2012

Welcome to our Match Reports page. There will not necessarily be a report on every match and nor will it be a blow by blow account, more of a general personal view of the day by the writer.

There will also occasionally be items on other matters such as waters that we have visited, tackle shops etc.

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End of year summary

Looking back through the results for 2012, I felt very proud to have been part of an unbelievable season for LGAC.

With an average of ten anglers attending our twenty matches, we set a total weight for the season of 19,970-13-0 – a new club record.

Here's a summary of this year's achievements:

  • two members recorded season weights of over 2000lbs
  • two members recorded season weights of over 1700lbs
  • three members recorded season weights of over 1500lbs
  • two member recorded season weights of over 1000lbs
  • eight different members won matches
  • four new personal bests set
  • eleven new club venue records were set or broken
  • each angler caught an average 91lbs per outing.

Congratulations to Bob Edwards for winning our Champions League 2012 – well fished and thoroughly deserved. And too all our competition and trophy winners, very well done.

There have been many enjoyable moments for me personally this season. One that particularly stood out was Dougie punching the air after achieving his first match ton-plus. I can still picture the magic moment and the huge smile on his face. Well done mate! To me, that moment sums up perfectly the spirit of our club.

To everyone on our committee, all those who organise and run our matches, club captains, scales people, and most of all, everyone who took part, including our guests, thank you for making this such a fantastic season. I'm looking forward to next year and the prospect of it being even better.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all and your families a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Mark Beard

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Captain's report

Captains Terry, Simon and Bob E. would like to thank all of the members this year for their full support and help at all of the venues. Especially with the execution of the scales and weighing in, which was very successful.

Special mentions should also be made to Mark Wheatcroft, who took over the website and Mark Beard, who took on the role of secretary, venues coordinator and other various duties.

A club always runs smoothly when members take on responsibility and the committee this year has to be complimented on all of their achievements.

It has been a strange year with a low average of ten anglers going out and yet we achieved another record year in overall weights.

The Captains take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry christmas, a prosperous new year and a bumper fishing season for 2013.

Bob Edwards

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25th November 2012

Hartley Lands, Farm Reservoir

Given the recent weather we’ve experienced this week, and indeed on the day, we had sunshine, rain and strong winds, the fishing was always going to be challenging.

With flooded swims and persistent mud in abundance our Match Captains pegged the match as fairly as they could.

Mark B’ won the day, closely followed by Dave B’ and Terry B’ with most people managing to catch a few fish using lots of different methods.

Congratulations to Bob E’ for winning our Champions League, thoroughly deserved.

It’s been another record breaking year for LGAC and I’ll compile an end of year report once all the results have been posted.

To everyone who took part this year, thank you for your company, and the humour, and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Mark Beard

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11th November 2012

Willow Lake, Tylers Common, Essex

Despite a frosty/cold arrival the sun shone for most of the day and we avoided our usual rain soaking.

The lake fished indifferently but still produced a worthy winner in the shape of Terry B’ with an excellent winning weight of 173-15-0. Back up weights of 100 pound plus from Dave B’ and Biagio S' really didn’t tell the full story, but an enjoyable day none the less.

Mark Beard

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4th November 2012

Pittlands, Kent

Pittlands is a venue well known to us. We are fortunate to have a number of its members within our ranks and with the excellent facilities it has to offer, our members decided on a silver match on Lake A.

Pittlands also has new owners, who made us feel very welcome. The breakfast they provide is very good value, and along with the tea, coffee and cakes provided in the afternoon, I should add, in diabolical weather conditions, was well appreciated by all.

The match itself was very interesting. The silver fish sport accounted for some very decent catches, and overall results were close.

Mark W’ continued his good form and won his third match on the trot. Bob E’ was second, closely followed by Mark B’ and Bagio S’. Well done to you all.

The feedback from a number of people I’ve spoken to said they felt the day was a success, and from these comments we’ll certainly be incorporating a couple of silver matches into our match calendar in the future.

Mark Beard

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21st October 2012

Arrans, House Side

Although we felt the fish at Arrans never really got their heads down and fed consistently the venue still produced a number of good weights, despite the wind and persistent rain.

Mark W’ continued with his rich vein of form and produced another club winning weight of 191-15-0, with the ever consistent Bob E’ second with 154-14-0. Mark B’ was third with 124-12-0. With further backup weights of over 100 pounds and some weights approaching the “magic ton” a good days sport was had by most.

Our two guests, Marc and David Smith also contributed, with Marc having the best weight of the day with 204-3-0 and David with 137-11-0. Well done to you both.

Mark Beard

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14th October 2012

Orchard Farm, Lake 6

A heavy mist and cold air temperatures greeted us when arrived for our match on Lake 6 at the excellent Orchard Place Farm, although the sun made a welcome appearance and shone for most of day.

This time we were to fish the back arm of this horseshoe shaped lake (Pegs 1-18). Our club has never match fished this part of the lake before, and talk filled the air with weights being caught on only a few pole sections from the bank, I wasn’t so sure that this would be the case.

Mark W’ and Biagio S’ finished first and second with 77-7-0 and 75-5-0 respectively with Dave B’ in third place with 64-12-0, congratulations to you all. Subsequent weights in the 60’s and 50’s showed what a close match this had been.

Despite my inability to extract any sort of weight from my peg I enjoyed the day. The fish refused to feed “short” for most of us, so each peg had to worked out and fished accordingly.

I like fishing Orchard Place Farm and enjoy the fishing and facilities it has to offer. The catches of F1’s, different species of carp, backed up by the excellent silverfish options offer a varied and interesting days sport.

Mark Beard

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30th September 2012

Chart Lake, Chart Sutton, Kent

LGAC always looks forward to our visits to Chart Fishery.

The catches are plentiful, the carp fight like demons, and the results are generally very close, as shown again on this visit.

Biagio S’ fished brilliantly with a superb winning weight of 217-9-0, and with backup weights of Bob G’ 201-15-0, and three weights in the 180’s plus others near the 150’s it’s easy to appreciate why we love fishing here.

Mark Beard

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16th September 2012

Lake Sophie, New Claygate Lakes

Our club hasn’t fished Claygate since 2006, and as it has relatively new owners and of hearing about the good catches being caught there, another visit was more than due.

We were greeted by the very helpful bailiff and the superb new facilities.

The lakes have matured beautifully, and the café provides a very good breakfast.

Dave B’ took the honours on the day, with second, third and fourth only being separated by 10 pounds, always a good sign of a fair venue.

Mark Beard

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2nd and 9th September 2012

Oast Farm, Buxted

Oast Farm has always been one of my favourite venues, as it is with most of our members.

It’s a small venue that we fish over two consecutive weeks, with our members nominating a match to count towards their Championship League points.

The first match showed what a fair venue it is with many close results.

The second match produced a more decisive result, with our present club champion, Bob E’ turning in a fine angling display resulting in a 202-10-0 win, many congratulations Bob.

Dave B’ was second with a well-deserved 173-7-0. It is with some sadness that we probably won’t be fishing Oast Farm again as the property is up for sale.

We would like to thank the owners for many years of fantastic fishing, and will miss the venue being part of our match calendar.

LGAC wishes them much success for their future ventures.

Mark Beard

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19th August 2012

Monks 4

Our recent match at Monk Lakes, Lake 4 was greeted with glorious weather, and on this particular occasion no extended rainfall!

Mark Wheatcroft celebrated his first win with LGAC with a fine angling display to record 179-4-0. Many congratulations Mark.

Congratulations are also extended to Dougie Watts who posted his first “Ton plus” with our club. After many near misses he has reached his goal, and we hope this is the catalyst for many future wins for Dougie.

The venue fished particularly well as can be observed on our results page, with many close results being posted, always a good sign of a fair venue.

Mark Beard

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5th August 2012

Sumners, Match Lake

Fished better for us than last year, and produced a new club venue record for Mark Beard.

After a slow start by his own admission, Mark managed to net 215lb in three and a quarter hours to bring a winning weight of 275-10-0.

Mark Wheatcroft

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27th July 2012

Shannons, Match Lake

Brilliant venue with a club venue record for Biagio.

First time we've fished it as a club, and can't wait to get back next year.

Mark Wheatcroft

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8th July 2012

Tylers Common, Ash

Fished in a hurricane but still managed to produce cracking weights.

Bob Edwards took the rain soaked honours with a new club venue record.

Mark Wheatcroft

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24th June 2012

Monks 3

We fished the other side of Monks 3 for a change and the lowest weight was in the 70's. Only 9 members turned up and the captains had plenty of options with the pegging arrangements. In the end all pegs had a gap each side putting 3 pegs on the split and 6 on the far side. As expected the two end swims fished well with Dave Barr drawing the spit and his very best friend Bob Gaylard drawing opposite. Bob Gaylard had the additional pressure of drawing the "Golden Peg" with a life changing prize of £40. Bob Gaylard brushed all that aside and finished nearly 50lbs ahead - well done sir!!! - buy yourself a new pole with the winnings. The weather still managed to rain on us again but the temperature was ok. Mark Wheatcroft (Winglehurst to his friends) is showing his true colours and is fishing very well finishing 4th with over 100lbs just behind Dave Barr.

Bob Edwards

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10th June 2012

Hartley Lands, Farm Reservoir

We were lucky with the weather - it didn't rain till about 3 o'clock and stopped a little while later. With low numbers in attendance the pegging allowed us to spread out and have the equivalent of 6 end pegs and these pegs drew to form with 6 of them being in the top 7 weights. Some had decent fish all day up to double figures both fishing the method and pellet and bagging wagglers. The afternoon was better for some producing bigger fish to 15lb. The top 4 weights had plenty of space to ply their fishing methods and were very successful in whatever they used. Well done to them.

Mark B. lead the way again followed closely by John Barker and Mark W. If Terry had had a better morning session he would certainly have been in contention for the No 1 spot, but a good try Terry.

Bob Edwards

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27th May 2012


Mark Beard presented the club with a wonderful fishing lesson at Clavering resulting in 190lbs - fishing an end swim and showing the importance of getting it right when you draw the right swim on the right day and clearly had a lead over Terry & Bob G. - who both did very well with weights of just under 100 lbs. The club champion Bob E. also had a lesson in angling from John Stuart who more than doubled Bobs weight from the next peg in the afternoon session.

There were a few problems with the platforms and visitors walking round the lake and we will discuss this at the next meeting and decide on what to do next.

Mick Howard was rushed to hospital during the week with a serious blood clot in his groin and I am informed the operation was a success and that he will be out of hospital by the 1st June if you want to call him and cheer him up I am sure he would like that.

Bob Edwards

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13th May 2012

Monks 1

The largest individusl catch so far this year was broken with 222-0-0 and this could possibly be the best weight from Monks No 1 since the big fish loss of a few years ago. This year we tried the early pegs 1-22 and it proved to be a bit peggy so maybe next year we should try the other section from 23 onward.

Apparently the digital scales played up on this venue and poor old Dougie ended up with 5-7-8 which was recorded in pounds but in fact the scales had moved to kilos so we will need to look into that and change the results where necessary.

Mick Howard had a disastrous day and packed up early with a painful knee.

Bob Edwards

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29th April 2012


Quickest report so far. Weather lousy. Fishing poor. Glad I wasn't there.

The Edge

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15th April 2012


So far as I know this was the first time we had fished Chart early in the year and although it didn't fish as well as August/September when we have normally fished it, the results weren't bad. The weather was for the most part bright and sunny but it was pretty nippy. In spite of this Mark B had a top weight of over 130 lbs and there 3 others over the ton and then 4 weights in the 50/60 region. If my memory serves me correctly the 4 top weights came from known good pegs.

Would I fish it at this time of year again? Yes but I don't think I would want to pay as much.

The Edge

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1st April 2012


Arrans at any time of year is usually pretty good but can be a bit slow this early on and so it turned out to be. Although it was sunny it didn't warm up until we were almost ready to go home.

I was fortunate, nay privileged to be pegged next to Dave Barr on one of his good days. He was certainly on song and managed to win the match with 163-15-0 and at the same time nicked the Golden Peg money which we have all had our eyes on for the past year or so. At least I wasn't last this time.

Tight lines everyone.

The Edge

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18th March 2012

Orchard Farm, Lake 5

2012 started out rather better than 2011 ended. Orchard Farm Lake 5 turned out to be rather better than lake 6 especially as the sun was out for most of the day, except for the hour or so of heavy rain.

The fishing wasn't bad really (unless you were in my swim) with Ross taking a well deserved win with 108-3-0. I was last of course which is becoming a too familiar scenario. The problem is that we are all so used to catching a big bag of nowadays that we forget that only a few years ago 36-1-8 would have won you the club championship! Never mind, Arrans is next.

The Edge

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