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Match Reports 2013

Welcome to our Match Reports page. There will not necessarily be a report on every match and nor will it be a blow by blow account, more of a general personal view of the day by the writer.

There will also occasionally be items on other matters such as waters that we have visited, tackle shops etc.

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End of year summary

Just when I thought that last year was the pinnacle of the efforts our club could reach, our members have produced another record breaking year.

With an average of eleven anglers attending our twenty matches, we set a total weight for the season of 21,157-12-8 – a new club record.

Here's a summary of this year's achievements:

  • Three members recorded season weights of over 2000lbs
  • Two members recorded season weights of over 1800lbs
  • One members recorded season weights of over 1600lbs
  • Two member recorded season weights of over 1100lbs
  • Nine different members won matches
  • Ten new personal bests set
  • Nine new club venue records were set or broken
  • Each angler caught an average 91lbs per outing
  • Mick Howard, Paul Veal, and Warren Peaty also recorded their first match wins with our club
  • Terry Benson over three matches at Arrans Lake caught an incredible 1,084 lbs, culminating with a new personal best and a new one day club record match weight of 408-4-0
  • Ross McGilvery achieved his first club match weight of over 200 lbs.

The trophies and competition winners were also won by different people this year, which goes to show how the standard of fishing has improved by our members.

The Champions League was only decided on the last club match at Pittlands with Mark Beard, Dave Barr, Ross McGilvery, and Bob Edwards all with a chance of winning. Indeed Mark and Dave were both tied on 158 points going into the last round. Mark became our new Champion League winner and Dave was our runner up after another close match. Congratulations Dave on your efforts, it’s only a matter of time before you win it. Many congratulations to all our competition and trophy winners.

My personal thanks to everyone on our committee for all your hard work and all the things that go into the running of a successful club, all those who organise and run our matches, club captains, scales people, to Mark Wheatcroft for running our website, and most of all, everyone who took part, including our guests, thank you for making this such a great Year.

Mark Beard

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10th March 2013

Pittlands Lakes – Lake A

Our new season started at the excellent Pittlands complex on Lake A.

The owners made us feel very welcome, with the day starting off with their very tasty breakfasts.

Our membership has grown with the addition of Bob Farrer, Warren Peaty and Paul Veal. Welcome gentlemen, and thank you for joining us.

LGAC had decided to hold another silverfish match on Lake A after having a very close match on the lake in November 2012.

Despite wind, rain, and eventually sleet, Mark B, Warren P’ and Dave B’ produced a very close result with two pounds separating the first three place, with Bob E’ in fourth place.

Silverfish weights to over 39 pounds, and decent back up weights shows just what a great venue this is. Well done to everyone.

Mark Beard

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7th April 2013

Hartley Lands – Nick's Lake

Our first visit to Nick's Lake was always going to be a bit hit or miss.

With the unseasonable temperatures causing uncertainty, where you drew would be more significant than usual.

Fortunately I drew on a few fish hiding off the point of an island opposite and managed 93lb for a win.

Although I couldn't see Dave Barr from where I was pegged, I'm sure he fished a brilliant match to take second place with 78lb.

A close third was Bob Edwards with 77lb, who I know suffered with the fish simply switching off just as he went up a gear.

Fourth was Ross McGilvery with a hard earned 58lb. And a special mention for Mark B who tempted a clonking Barbel of 7lb 15oz.

Very much looking forward to our return trip to Nick's Lake in June when the weather should even out the lake. Well done all.

Mark Wheatcroft

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21st April 2013

Bury Hill Fisheries – Milton Lake

Our club visited the superb Bury Hill Fisheries to fish a silver match on Milton Lake.

Overnight frosts probably curtailed sport on what is obviously an fine lake, but still some excellent weights showed in the results.

Mark Beard was first with 51-3-0, second was the ever consistent Dave Barr with 41-15-0, third was Mark Wheatcroft with 38-11-0 and fourth was Warren Peaty with 26-15-0.

Further decent silver catches were evident as seen in our results.

Specimen roach were caught by Ross McGilvery, 1-10-0 and Warren Peaty, 1-9-0. Dave Barr caught a specimen tench of 3-8-0. Well done to everyone.

Mark Beard

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12th May 2013

Rayne Lodge – Bottom Lake

We were eager for this fixture come around, such is the popularity of this lovely venue. Bottom Lake was to be our home for the day.

The fish were in a very dour mood however, and certainly didn't share our enthusiasm. Whether this was due to the indifferent spring conditions we’re experiencing, or the match from the previous day taking its toll, we weren't sure. Bites were very much at a premium no matter where you drew on the lake.

I managed to win the day with 52-8-0. Ross McGilvery was second with a hard-earned 43-15-0, third was Bob Edwards with 37-0-0 and fourth was Dougie Watts with 34-8-0.

On what was clearly a difficult day, well done to all.

In other news, LGAC extends a warm welcome to Criss Kochevar. Great to have you aboard, Criss.

Mark Beard

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19th May 2013

Shannon's – Match Lake

The promised rain never materialised and the sunshine made a welcome appearance for most of the day on this lovely lake.

Congratulations to Paul Veal on his first LGAC win with a well-earned 118-0-0, second was Dave Barr with 96-2-0, third was Terry Benson with 66-4-0 and fourth Ross McGilvery with 53-7-0.

A former member, Simon Glendinning a guest for the day, caught the top weight of 138-15-0. Well done, Simon.

Mark Beard

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2nd June 2013

Tylers Common – Ash Lake

Abundant sunshine with cooling winds greeted our visit to Tylers Common. This had the fish thinking about breeding in some of the swims and accordingly some members’ weights suffered.

Despite this there were still some excellent returns with the Bob Edwards, Dave Barr and our guest Syd recording over 200 pounds. Bob Edwards won the day with 215-15-0, second was Dave Barr with a new personal best match weight of 201-4-0, third was Mark Wheatcroft with 187-14-0 and fourth was Biagio Scialo with 170-9-0. Well done to all.

Mark Beard

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16th June 2013

Monk Lakes – Lake 3

They say that “In life things happen in threes” and that was certainly the case for Mick Howard. Mick not only won his first LGAC match, but also achieved a new club lake record and a new personal best weight with a well-deserved 156-4-0. Many congratulations Mick.

Bob Farrer was second with a new personal best club weight of 118-4-0, third was Dave Barr with 97-0-0, and fourth was Ross McGilvery with 95-8-0. Further close weights as seen on our results page showed that this had been a good match. Well done everyone.

Mark Beard

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23rd June 2013

Hartley Lands – Nick's Lake

This was our second visit to Nick’s Lake this season and although it was a windy day and the rain held off the weights were greatly improved. The beauty of this lake is that any number of methods can win the day, all involving small carp and supplemented by the excellent silver fish stocks.

First was Bob Edwards with a very well deserved 161-8-0, second was Mark Wheatcroft with 137-12-0, third was Mark Beard with 106-9-0 and Paul Veal was fourth with 100-13-0.

Our guests for the day John Barker and Simon Glendinning also posted very good weights with 197-14-0 and 141-12-0. Well done to everyone.

I've just noticed in the Angling Times that Mick Howard has won a bait prize for his excellent weight at Monk Lake. Well done Mick.

Mark Beard

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7th July 2013

Monk Lakes – Lake 1

With the exception of Terry B putting 92lb on the scales for fourth place (well done that man), the usual flyers at each end of the lake didn't produce. Top weights on the day all came from pegs around the middle which made a change. Dave B fished a great match, catching from the off by swapping between pellet and maggot at 6m. He continued to catch at a steady pace until moving into the margins late on to boost his weight to 123lb and taking top place on the podium. Congratulations Dave, another top display.

Pegged opposite Dave was Ross, who grabbed second spot with 104lb. Ross had a brilliant run of fish at one point which sadly slowed and probably cost him the top spot. Pegged next to Dave was me. I managed third place with 100lb, of which 95lb came in the afternoon doing my best impression of a gnome fishing a top kit down the edge to my left with maggot and pellet. Opposite me was former club member Simon G. Aside from putting his thumb through an expensive pole section, he fished a very tidy match and managed 106lb for the day.

Footnote: I heard the club fishing the section behind us had weights as terrible as their banter (and their manners). A nice way to round off the day.

Mark Wheatcroft

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28th July 2013

Sumners Ponds – Match Lake

Such is the popularity of this venue that you have to book two years in advance to get a booking on it. Being set in over 100 acres and the excellent facilities and fine Sussex countryside it has to offer along with its hard fighting fish, it’s easy to understand why.

We arrived for our annual match and once again our results were a credit to everyone who fished and a further advert for such a fabulous venue.

Mark Beard won the day with 277-2-0, Bob Edwards was second with 216-0-0, Warren Peaty was third with 196-10-0 and Dougie Watts was fourth with 167-8-0. Further weights of over a 100-0-0 were achieved as shown on our results pages.

Well done to everyone.

Mark Beard

11th August 2013

Arrans – House Side

I’ve been fortunate/privileged to witness some incredible catches when fishing with LGAC over the years, but our last match at Arrans has probably topped the lot!

Terry Benson produced a stunning catch to return 372-4-0 to the scales. Not only did Terry fish an incredible match but he also set a number of records to go with it. A new personal best by over 170 pounds, a new club venue record, a new individual club record one day weight, and top weight of the year. Many congratulations to you Terry, and thoroughly deserved.

The records continued to fall with new personal bests for Mark Wheatcroft, Dave Barr, Bob Farrer, Paul Veal and Mark Beard. A new club record overall one day weight of over 2,500-0-0 was also achieved by the 12 anglers, a remarkable days fishing, and well done to everyone.

Mark Beard

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1st September 2013

Monk Lakes – Lake 4

This was almost a match of two halves.

One side of the lake seemed to fish consistently well, where the other would see a fish or two caught followed by a longer than expected quiet spell.

I enjoy the challenge where ever we fish, but at times it can be frustrating. Such is the beauty of our sport.

Congratulations to Warren Peaty who won his first match with our club with a superb 174-8-0. Very well fished, Warren.

The inform Terry Benson was second with 112-11-0; Dave Barr was third with 89-2-0 followed closely by Ross McGilvery with 84-8-0.

Our guest for the day, John Barker, a former member, weighed in a brilliant 208-8-0. Well done to you too, John.

My thanks to everyone who helped on the day. It’s so encouraging when everyone pitches in with their help and makes our matches run as smoothly as they do.

Mark Beard

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15th September 2013

Orchard Place Farm – Lake 6

Our match at Orchard Place Farm started in abundant sunshine with virtually no wind, but soon clouded over with increasing winds and the promised rain arrived later in the day.

The sport at this fishery can be challenging, but those who work hard are usually rewarded with a decent net of fish, and it is the variety of the fish that can be caught being the main reason why I enjoy it there. You simply never know what you’re going to catch next is what appeals to me as well as the beautiful surroundings.

Biagio Scialo fished a fine match to win with 94-10-0, closely followed by Ross McGilvery with 90-1-0. Bob Edwards was third with 81-4-0, and fourth was Dave Barr with 55-14-0. Well done to everybody.

As summer turns to autumn we enter into my favourite time of the year where sometimes the fishing is secondary. The scenery at most of the venues we fish really is stunning, and although the weights may not be as big, the fishing to be enjoyed is more varied.

Mark Beard

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29th September 2013

Chart Lake

Congratulations to Bob Edwards who fished a superb match to win the day with 188-12-0, closely followed by Ross McGilvery with 166-10-0, Biagio Scialo with 154-13-0 and Mark Beard with 144-5-0.

John Barker our guest for the day also weighed in a very good 197-15-0. Further weights of over 100-0-0 were weighed in by most of our anglers. Well done all.

The fishing was generally slow in the morning, but as the day progressed the sport greatly improved as temperatures increased and the Chart carp started to feed in earnest. I weighed in a couple of excellent weights of smaller fish from our members, which is always encouraging to see for the future of this lovely venue.

Chart has now introduced a new rule that all fish over 5-0-0 must be weighed in, recorded and returned to the water immediately (With a threat of being banned from the water if not complied with). This makes things ‘interesting’ for the scales persons (and the anglers) who have drawn scales on the day as a large number of fish over this weight were duly recorded by them, my thanks to all for their considerable efforts.

Mark Beard

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13th October 2013

Shannon's – Match Lake

We weren’t sure how the venue would fish due to the recent changes in the weather preceding this match, as only a carp and tench are permitted to be weighed in on this lovely venue.

We needn’t have worried. Despite raining virtually the whole day some very good weights were returned.

Terry Benson led the way with a fine weight of 209-7-0; Bob Edwards was second with 176-0-0, Mark Beard was third with 162-4-0 and Dougie Watts was fourth with 143-0-0. Well done to everyone.

Mark Beard

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20th October 2013

Arrans – Road Side

We hadn’t fished a match on this side of the lake for nearly ten years and despite the horrendous wind and rain part way through the afternoon, the Arran’s carp fed well.

This was a reorganised match to replace a match on the same venue which was cancelled due to poor weather conditions back in March.

Mark Beard won the day with 309-9-0, closely followed by Terry Benson with 303-10-0, Bob Edwards was third with 268-14-0, and Ross McGilvery was fourth with 207-10-0.

Yesterday’s match also deems a special mention for Ross who achieved a new personal best match weight with our club, many congratulations Ross. I know how hard you’ve tried to join the “200 pound plus club” having been so near on a few occasions. You so rightly “punched the air” celebrating your success and it’s these special moments I particularly enjoy and share when our members reach their goals.

Mark Beard

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27th October 2013

Arrans – House Side

Terry Benson produced another stunning result to win this match on Arrans Lake with 408-4-0. Terry also set a number of new LGAC records in the process after his fine club record results on the same venue in August, 2013:

1. New club venue record.

2. New club record one day weight.

3. New personal best weight.

4. New season’s best weight for 2013

He also recorded the club's first weight of over 400-0-0 – a marvellous result given the weather conditions and the fact that at one point two members of the public decided to feed the ducks and Canada geese with bread near his swim! Many congratulations Terry and very well fished.

Elsewhere, second was Warren Peaty with 332-8-0 (new club personal best), Mark Beard was third with 254-6-0, closely followed by Bob Edwards with 251-4-0.

Kris Kochevar also achieved a new personal club best weight of 124-0-0, very well done to you too.

Mark Beard

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10th November 2013

Tylers Common – Willow Lake

Despite the cooler weather conditions that greeted us on our arrival Willow Lake fished very well with some good weights recorded around the lake.

Bob Edwards fished a fine match to win the day with 255-10-0. Terry Benson continued his good form to finish second with 236-15-0, Dave Barr was third with 164-0-0 and Biagio Scialo was fourth with 130-13-0, very well done to all.

Congratulations to Steve and Ken Blower, our guests for the day, with excellent returns of 186-0-0 and 99-5-0 respectively.

LGAC has also broke last season’s overall record weight with two fixtures still to go, and breaking the 20,000 pound barrier in the process for the first time in our clubs history!

What a year this has been so far, with records being broken virtually every week. Many congratulations to all.

Mark Beard

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24th November 2013

Pittlands Lakes – Lake C

With the colder weather finally with us, this was always going to be about how many silver fish each person could catch.

This was the first time we have held a club match on this lake and whilst we know there are plenty of carp to be caught at this excellent venue, only one small carp was caught.

Dave Barr led the way with a well-deserved silver fish catch of 12-4-0, Terry Benson was second with 11-2-0, Ross McGilvery was third with 9-1-0 and fourth was Biagio Scialo with 6-9-0.

Our final match of the season is on Pittlands Lake A and with anyone of four people who can still win our Champions League it will be a very interesting day.

Mark Beard

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1st December 013

Pittlands Lakes – Lake A

For our last match of this current season we returned to the excellent Pittlands complex where Lake A was to be our home for the day for this silver fish only match.

We’ve held three silver fish competitions this season after requests from our members to vary the matches and they have all had favourable feedback.

After consuming the delicious breakfasts provide by the staff we started our match. Opinions were divided about how the lake would fish given the recent cooler weather. The normal topping of fish on this lake was conspicuous and the water had become very clear on this shallow venue.

Gradually the skimmer bream appeared but not in the numbers we expected and as there was very little wind, the conditions were always going to be difficult. By careful feeding and fishing multiple lines some decent weights were achieved. Once the sun broke from the cloud covered skies in the afternoon the skimmers shut up shop that was when you literally had to fish all over your peg to keep catching the occasional fish to add to your weight.

Mark Beard won the day with 31-8-0, closely followed by Warren Peaty with 27-4-0, Dave Barr was third with 22-5-0 and Terry Benson was fourth with 19-10-0. Further close weights were caught as can be seen on our results pages. Well done to all.

Some good size perch put in an appearance as shown by Bob Edward’s fine 2-2-0 and Criss Kochevar’s 1-14-0 examples, well done to them as well.

I’ll post an end of year report when all our results have been updated.

Mark Beard

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