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Match Reports 2015

Welcome to our Match Reports page. There will not necessarily be a report on every match and nor will it be a blow by blow account, more of a general personal view of the day by the writer.

There will also occasionally be items on other matters such as waters that we have visited, tackle shops etc.

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15th March 2015

Pittlands Lakes - Lake C

Our new season began at the excellent Pittlands complex on Lake C.

It was good to see old faces and some new ones in the shape of new members Dave Ford and John Drake. Welcome to our club gentlemen and thank you for joining LGAC.

The banter started as soon as I arrived in the car park. It's good to be back! Handshakes and belated "Happy New Year's" were exchanged before we had the customary breakfast followed by a trophy presentation for 2014.

To be fair, given the cold, windy and mercifully later than expected rainy weather, it was your typical late winter match. If you were drawn on fish they were catchable, but it was hard work.

Dave Barr is a very capable angler and won the day with a well-earned 57-5-0, very well done Dave and well fished. He also won the "golden peg" which was handy, as it will pay for a new top three for his pole that he managed to break! Mark Beard finished a distant second with 44-15-0; Ross McGilvery was third with 25-15-0 and fourth was Bob Edwards with 23-0-0. Well done everyone.

Mark Beard

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29th March 2015

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 5

Our Members always looks forward to fishing this lovely venue. Lake 5 holds such a good head of fish, especially F1's, that a good days sport is always guaranteed. The winner can come from anywhere on this very fair lake.

Unfortunately the weather was really awful. Very strong winds and persistent rain on and off all day made for an uncomfortable day. Umbrellas were a definitely not recommended and everybody had difficulty with pole sections and tackle being blown all over the place at some stage.

Despite all this some very good weights were caught. Terry Benson finished first with a well-deserved 162-13-0, very well done Terry. Warren Peaty was second with 144-15-0; Dave Barr was third with 142-9-0 and fourth was Biagio Scialo with 106-3-0. Well done to everybody.

Mark Beard

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12th April 2015

Arrans - House Side

For a change the weather gods did not conspire against us, although the wind was a bit gusty at times.

At this time of year, like most venues, you need to draw well to be amongst the podium places. You'll always catch plenty of carp at Arrans, but it's usually towards the end pegs that the better weights will come from, and this match was no different.

Down my part of the lake Terry Benson was having one of those nightmare days that happen to all of us at some time or other! The wind had blown one of his pole sections into the lake. Bob Farrer had managed to partially retrieve the said section, but still required Terry to go for an unseasonal dip! A short time later, there was a gut busting, expensive 'crack' that all pole anglers have experienced as a section 5 broke. Undeterred, and with a quick repair with some electrical tape I had in my box, Terry was able to carry on fishing. Despite breaking two landing net handles, and a pole section Terry finished a very creditable second on the day, although his swim did look like a 'Carbon graveyard!'

By complete contrast, at the other end of the lake, Warren Peaty completely dominated the match and returned a tremendous 455-14-0 of Arrans carp. In the process he also set a new personal best weight and a new club venue record. Many congratulations Warren and very well fished.

Elsewhere, the fish were caught in one's and two's and then it would go quiet for a while, but that's typical for this time of year.

Final result on the day was, first Warren Peaty with 455-14-0, second was Terry Benson with 213-8-0, third was Paul Veal with 172-0-0 and fourth was Dave Barr with 151-3-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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26th April 2015

New Claygate - Lake Eva

It had been just over ten years since our club last fished Lake Eva. Why it has been so long, I don't really know as it's a lovely venue.

As I went round the lake to peg it with our match captain Terry, I was saying to him how much the venue had changed, I couldn't recognise the lake.

Now, fishing for F1's is not really my forte, but what they do offer the match angler is a different type of fishing. They can be really moody, they don't follow the usual rules and catching them requires you to completely rethink your approach. I enjoy the challenge they present, but still have a long way to go before I can admit to myself I can regularly catch them!

Former member Simon and Warren's guest John joined us for the day. I always enjoy Simon's company, and we were pegged next to each other, so a decent bit of banter was on the cards!

Simon is a very capable angler and really enjoys his fishing. We always have close match results and as F1 fishing is more his style than mine, a close peg to peg match followed.

One angler who certainly has got this style of fishing well sussed is Warren Peaty. Warren produced a tremendous weight of 210-10-0. In the process he set a new venue and club venue record, very well fished and thoroughly deserved.

Second was Paul Veal with 121-7-0. I promised him I wouldn't mention the Chummer floats! Sorry Paul! Third was Dave Barr with 93-10-0, and fourth was Biagio Scialo with 74-11-0. Well done everyone.

As for that peg to peg battle! Simon beat me, 73-9-0 to 71-0-0. Still, there's always next time! Well fished mate.

Mark Beard

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10th May 2015

Tricklebrook Match Lake

On a warm but very windy day at this lovely venue the fish generally decided to shut up shop.

Bites were hard to come by and sport was inconsistent. You would get indications and catch a fish then have to wait an age for your next fish. Which was a shame as Tricklebrook is well stocked.

Despite this there were some close results and a fair match was had.

Warren Peaty carried on his recent good run of form and won the day with 73-11-0, very well done Warren. John Drake was second with 61-6-0, Ross McGilvery was third with 59-0-0 and Cris Kochevar was fourth with 54-12-0. Well done everybody.

Mark Beard

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April 2015

Florida Trip

Bob Edwards, John Breheny (Bridgnorth Paratroopers) and Gary Picken (Fosters of Birmingham) have recently returned from an Anglers World Holiday fishing trip to Florida with guide Dave Plummer.

Both Bob and John have enjoyed excellent sport in previous years with guide Dave Plummer, but this year the sport was spectacular. New personal bests and best weekly aggregate weights were achieved by all as listed below:-

  • Total fish (excluding Snapper) 43
  • 27 Tarpon to 190 lbs - averaging 131lbs each
  • 11 Nurse Sharks to 180 lbs - averaging 118lbs each
  • 1 Barracuda 25 lbs
  • Other assorted small bonnet head sharks, black tips, catfish
  • 4886 lbs - a record weight for skipper Dave
  • Average weight of fish - 113lb

Bob Further comments: The fishing is entirely a "Team Effort" and the tarpon catches are shared throughout the entire trip no matter who hooks up with them to start with. The sharks on the other hand were all caught on dead baits on one particular rod and it was up to the individuals if they wanted to haul them in. Guess who had the dead bait rod!

Sounds like you had a brilliant week gentlemen. Many congratulations to you all. Accompanying photos below.

Mark Beard

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31st May 2015

Monks Lake 2

True to form, the wind blew strongly and at times with the added rain, made for an "Interesting" day!

For a change, I along with five others had the wind of our backs so at least bait presentation was a lot easier. My club friends on the opposite bank had the wind and rain in their faces all day, but despite this they all battled away and some decent weights were caught.

Warren Peaty continued his fine form by winning his fourth match in a row. Rumour has it, that he's recently won so much bait in the weekly Bait Tech/Angling Times Clubman competition, that Bait Tech are considering working with him as an alternative supplier! Seriously though Warren, many, many congratulations on your latest win. Your 302-14-0 catch was streets ahead of everyone else and thoroughly deserved.

A distant second was Mark Beard with 164-9-0, followed closely by Dave Barr with 163-9-0 and finally Terry Benson with 148-8-0, which included the top silverfish catch so far this year of 103-14-0, very well done Terry.

A special mention for our guest Simon Glendinning who on the windward bank showed his class by weighing in 173-3-0, very well done too mate.

Finally, a warm LGAC welcome to new member John Brady, whose catch of 83-12-0 was very creditable.

Mark Beard

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14th June 2015

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 6

A cloudy cool day with very little wind greeted us for our match at this lovely fishery. You are generally assured a good days fishing at Orchard Place Farm, the variety of the sport to be had is fantastic. The F1's provide the mainstay on Lake 6 but there's also carp, barbel, perch, roach, tench, bream and the humble gudgeon.

The match was won by Bob Edwards with a well-deserved catch of 335-12-0, very well fished Bob.

Warren Peaty was a close second with 320-4-0; Terry Benson was third with 148-1-0 and Ross McGilvery was fourth with 143-0-0. Well done everyone.

Finally, congratulations to our newest member John Brady on his first ton plus result with LGAC. We hope this is the first of many fine catches for you John, very well fished.

Mark Beard

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21st June 2015

Hartleylands - Nick's Lake

This Lovely fishery is one of our favourite venues. If you want plenty of variety then this is definitely the place to fish. Looking around the lake you could see rods and poles bending everywhere and anglers using lots of different methods to catch, always a sign of a good venue.

Although nearly everyone was catching in the morning most of the fish were of a smaller size, but in the afternoon the bigger fish decided to feed and some good weights were caught.

Warren Peaty returned to winning ways and caught a well-deserved club lake record of 273-12-0 which included two excellent barbel of 8-10-0 and 7-10-0 as well as some sizeable carp, very well fished Warren. Second was Terry Benson who was catching small fish in the morning, but come the afternoon his margin swim produced much of his 185-0-0 catch. A close third was Ross McGilvery with 183-0-0 and finally Mark Beard was fourth with 169-10-0. As well as Warren's barbel, Bob Edwards caught a fine specimen perch of 2-2-0. Well done everybody.

Mark Beard

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5th July 2015

Tylers Ash Lake

Mercifully the forecast rain held off long enough to allow us to peg and prepare for our match on Ash Lake. The recent warm weather had allowed the carp to spawn and every peg was full of active fish.

When the match eventually started it became obvious that the fish hadn't read the script and were proving difficult to catch. I was getting plenty of indications but catching them was proving a challenge.

To do well in a match on this lake usually requires you to fish short in the margins as close as you can to the bank, allowing for the undercut banks that harbour a lot of fish and to catch quickly or you can find yourself a long way behind in a very short time. What I hadn't considered was the recent warm weather had reduced the water levels just enough for the already cautious fish to become even more difficult to catch. Fishing slightly further out in water just a couple of inches deeper made all the difference. Then the rain started, thank goodness the wind wasn't too bad and erecting an umbrella was possible, and by our midday break at least four people had accumulated over a hundred pounds.

The fisheries management at Tyler's had requested we had a midday weigh in due to the warm weather and reduced water levels, which we duly obliged. LGAC welcomes sensible decisions when asked by fishery owners as we can only catch the fabulous bags of fish we do and enjoy the sport that keeps us returning to these beautiful venues which is only possible when the fish's welfare is the most important consideration. LGAC applauds Tylers Common decision making.

The rain eventually subsided and most caught well until the end of the match.

Warren Peaty won his sixth match of the season with a fabulous 321-7-0, and a set a new LGAC club record weight for Ash Lake, very well fished Warren. A very distant second was Mark Beard with 240-10, followed very closely by Terry Benson on 236-0-1 and fourth Bob Edwards with 235-12-0.

Further congratulations to Sid our guest for day with a fine net of fish of 239-0-1 and to Dave Ford for his first 100 pound plus catch with LGAC, well done to you both and well done to all.

Mark Beard

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26th July 2015

Bury Hill Fisheries - Milton Lake, Silver fish match

This wasn't really a day to remember, the weather was awful with high winds and rain virtually all day. On top of that, the fish at this lovely venue decided to generally shut up shop with most anglers struggling for bites. I only had one fish in the morning before we had our normal midday break which left me confused, such are the mysteries of angling!

The weather also took its toll on my umbrella. ripping the stays and fabric away from the frame whilst I was playing a fish. I'm sure our dearly departed Frank Dower was smiling at me from above when this happened in return for the many laughs he gave us when he was alive!

The owner of Bury Hill Fisheries has decided to syndicate the venue next April 1st 2016, by running a scheme whereby anglers pay a £25 annual membership in return for slightly cheaper prices. It will mean numbers of anglers will be reduced with no more day tickets and probably the chance to match fish as a club stopped. LGAC wish all at Bury Hill much success in their new venture.

Dave Barr was first with 25-9-0 closely followed by Warren Peaty with 25-5-0. Mark Beard was third with 14-13-0 and Terry Benson was fourth with 13-2-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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2nd August 2015

Sumners Ponds - Match Lake

This lovely venue set in some of the most beautiful West Sussex countryside is one of my favourite venues as it is with our members. The fishing at times can be exceptional. Yes you have to work at it sometimes, but that's how fishing should be. The carp fight exceptionally well, and with the great variety of different fish available to catch it really is a smashing place. I just wish it was a bit closer to home!

Sunshine for most of the day, with a strong wind wasn't ideal fishing conditions. You have to be patient at times at sumners especially on the Match Lake. I had probably caught around 60 pound, but with an hour to go, six further large carp bumped my weight up by another 75 pounds, that's how good this place can be!

Biagio Scialo won the day with 158-3-0, very well fished Biagio. A close second was Warren Peaty with 153-13-0. Mark Beard was third with 134-14, and fourth was Criss Kochevar with a well caught 132-3-0. Well done everyone.

Mark Beard

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16th August 2015

Hartleylands - Nick's Lake

A bit of a strange match really. Looking at the final results, one half of the lake seemed to hold the majority of the fish whilst the other half was patchy. Despite having a good weight out of my peg, I felt as if I should have done better. The fish clearly didn't want a lot of bait and were happy feeding on the bottom one moment and then it became difficult, but they didn't want to feed shallow either. It was one of those days when you needed to keep trying different methods to string a weight together.

Steve Blower and Jim Morgan joined us as guests for the day, both accomplished anglers in my opinion. Steve was on the peg next to me and he seemed to echo my above thoughts. Mind you, it's always good to catch up with him and we did have a laugh in the process. Jim meanwhile resorted to feeding top two pole sections in an effort to get bites, he made us smile! On the other half of the lake John Brady was practicing his break dancing routine, (in cut down Wellington boots, not recommended!) slipped, and in the process demolished the butt section of a rod and dismantled a pole roost/ bump bar, I wasn't sure which as I was trying to keep a straight face as he was telling me what happened! Seriously though John, (still smiling here as I type this!) I've had my fair share of mishaps in the past so I know how it feels!

Terry Benson finished first with an excellent 263-9-0, very well angled Terry. Biagio Scialo was second with 230-14-0, well done to you too. Third was Mark Beard with 183-4-0, and fourth was Paul Veal with 174-0-0. Well done everybody.

Mark Beard

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6th September 2015

Monks Lake 4

The morning got off to an indifferent start when loading up the car for our match at Monk Lakes. Some kind soul had blocked the end of my road (cul-de-sac) with the parking skills of a complete idiot. Why people do this is beyond me. With no thought for anyone else, and an "I'm alright jack" mentality, it's so annoying, a sign of the times we live in. It's at times like this I wished I drove a tank!

With the said car removed I continued my drive, which passes through some of Kent's beautiful countryside, wondering what the day had in store for us.

We hadn't fished a match for three weeks due to the bank holiday so it was good to get out and enjoy the fresh air and company of fellow LGAC members. Mind you I had to smile. I put on my bib and brace only to discover I had packed two odd waterproof boots from two different pairs, much to the amusement of the others who didn't take the "Michael"--MUCH! A prerequisite for joining our club is a good sense of humour. We enjoy our fishing very much, but the banter at times is absolutely first class, and long may it continue.

Our match was on Lake 4 today. This lake can be very fickle at times and with the recent changeable weather the fishing was likely to be difficult. I had drawn peg 149, a peg I'd never drawn before. It's a nice looking peg with reeds across and to your right-hand side, and a very inviting margin swim to your left. Typical of the way my day was going, being on a corner, the whole swim was full of surface scum. Presenting a float was nigh on impossible, so decided to start legering across, but sport was very slow. Mercifully, the little wind there was eventually moved the scum and a few fish started to feed, but it was a struggle. It was just a case of fishing the swim for what it was worth and enjoying the day out.

Mark Beard won the day with 110-0-0. Warren Peaty was second with 90-12-0, Terry Benson was third with 75-1-0, and fourth was Ross McGilvery with 59-8-0. Well done everybody.

Mark Beard

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20th September 2015

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 6

We enjoy our visits to Orchard Place Farm. Not only is it a lovely part of the Kent countryside to spend a day in, the fishing is fantastic and varied as Lake 6 holds a good stock of F1's and various kinds of species to catch. All the fish are in such lovely condition and fight really well.

The fickle nature of F1's as mentioned in previous posts provide a real challenge if you want to put a winning catch together. I've spent a lot of time this year trying to understand their ways and improving my results and feel like I'm at last beginning to benefit from my efforts.

A new silverfish lake is under construction situated next to Lake 6. Whilst the noise was reminiscent of a London building site it was very interesting to see and understand the process involved. I was talking to the owner after our match, and as I listened to his visions and plans for the new lake I was sure it will be a complete success and look forward to fishing it in the near future.

As we move into autumn the cooler nights and shortening days obviously change our sport. We usually associate this time of year with the fish feeding avidly in preparation for the coming winter. This maybe true, but some considerable thought still has to be exercised so you don't ruin your swim with access feed. After two hours I had been catch steadily with some enormous F1's approaching four pound when all of a sudden the nearby aerator switched on. The colour of the water changed to a muddy plume and a heavy right to left tow completely killed my swim. Thankfully a phone call to the owners requesting that they be turned off, (which they eventually did, thank you,) I hoped would remedy the situation, but afterwards the catch rate was never the same. Whilst I appreciate and understand the need for aerators, I was left wondering what might my final result would have been had this had not happened, but that's fishing!

Warren Peaty fished a superb match to win with 222-10-0, very well fished Warren. Mark Beard was second with 160-15-0, Criss Kochevar was third with 151-5-0 and Dave Barr was fourth with 139-4-0. Well done everyone.

Mark Beard

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4th October 2015

Arrans Lake - House Side

As documented before in these reports, Arrans Lake is responsible for most anglers achieving their first 'Ton Plus' match results. Times move on, the fish grow bigger, anglers become more proficient and efficient and consequently match weights get much higher. The recent match results here suggested we could be on for some serious weights, and so this proved to be!

When I plumbed up the plummet wouldn't reach the bottom, such was the volume of fish in my swim! The rules at Arrans say that we would have to weigh in after three hours and return the fish to the water, so you have to fish two three hour matches. This is a very sensible decision given the size of the average fish.

The midday weigh in took nearly an hour, and some of the weights were staggering! What would the afternoon bring? We started again at 1 p.m. and fished through to 4. The final whistle went; the afternoon was a blur of fish after fish being caught, it was very obvious that some unbelievable results had been returned today.

Warren Peaty weighed in a tremendous 726-8-0 to win the match. He set a new personal best, new club venue record and a new top one day individual club weight. Many congratulations Warren and very well fished. Terry Benson was second with a new PB weighing in 676-5-0, very well done Terry. Mark Beard was third with 489-12-0, a new PB, and fourth was Dave Barr with 451-5-0, also a new personal best.

Records continued to tumble with new PB's for Ross McGilvery 406-6-0, John Brady 280-1-0, and Dave Ford 221-1-0. Many congratulations to all of you. Finally a new one day club record weight of 5359-7-0 was set by the 11 anglers who fished, a fantastic achievement, well done everybody.

A very special mention and worthy congratulations to our two guests who also fished with us today. Rob Smith weighed in an unbelievable 842-0-0, well angled Rob. My top performance of the day goes to Wendy Smith with 811-14-0, a thoroughly deserved weight, very well done Wendy.

It gives me so much pleasure to be able to share fellow anglers' achievements and experiences on what was such a special day. I couldn't do it every week; my aching bones wouldn't let me!

Mark Beard

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18th October 2015

Chart Lake

It's quite amazing how a lake can change so quickly in a relatively short time since we last match fished it. Let me explain.

A recent visit during another local club match (we fished a couple of pegs not involved in the match) reinforced this. Our previous matches here have generally been feeder approaches. Larger fish made up most of the catches and you certainly needed 150 pounds plus to frame. An explosion of breeding/new stocking of smaller carp appears to have changed this. The carp now feed in the margins, they never showed in matches here before. I accept as more people fish it food will be available on different lines, but the smaller carp have definitely changed the infrastructure and the way a match angler must adapt to these changes.

I drew a peg I've fished before. Probably not a winning peg from previous experiences, but a framing peg none the less. Fish were showing in neighbouring pegs but not in mine, but fish have fins and move accordingly to how Mother Nature designed them so anything was possible!

Three hours spent on the feeder at 25 metres and closer to the island at 50 metres accounted for 95 pounds of fish. Three other anglers had similar catches by the midday weigh in (fishery rules). Back on the feeder after the break but it was very noticeable that the fishing had changed, so fished the remainder of the match between margin pole and feeder to catch a further 121 pounds. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned loads in the process.

Warren Peaty extended his recent success and fished his peg brilliantly on the water afforded him on the waggler to finish first with a fine 311-12-0 catch and set a new LGAC venue record, very well done Warren. Mark Beard was second with 216-15-0, third was Terry Benson with 196-5-0 and fourth was Biagio Scialo with 182-8-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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1st November 2015

Orchard Place Lake 5

After a careful drive down due to very foggy conditions we were on a change of venue due to the other venue changing ownership and wasn't ready for us. LGAC thank the owners of Orchard Place Farm for accommodating us for a match at such short notice.

You can always be assured of a good day's sport on Lake 5. Even the indifferent weather conditions didn't stop us from catching.

Warren Peaty turned in another masterful performance with catch of 296-9-0 and a new LGAC club lake record for first place, very well done Warren. Bob Edwards was second with 249-6-0, well fished Bob. Mark Beard was third with 173-6-0 and fourth was Terry Benson with 128-15-0.

We've surpassed last year's total catch with three matches still to go, a marvellous achievement and well done everybody.

Mark Beard

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15th November 2015

Tylers Willow Lake

Cloudy skies and 25 mph plus winds would make for an awkward day if you were drawn on the wrong bank, and needless to say I was! Although the fishing would be uncomfortable it made my mind up to fish a simple match on the feeder/ bomb. Chasing blown pole sections down the bank and possibly incurring expensive breakages is not my idea of fun!

Whilst this mind set worked ok in the morning I was struggling to catch any quality size fish. The required midday weigh in (Tylers Common Rules) revealed I wasn't a million miles off the pace on our bank but nowhere near the weights being enjoyed on the sheltered pegs. A switch to the inside line on a short pole where the carp had finally decided to turn up in numbers accounted for two thirds of my final weight.

Warren Peaty won the day with a well-deserved 345-13-0, well fished Warren. Bob Edwards was a close second with 332-6-0, very well done Bob. Terry Benson finished third with 259-7-0 and fourth was Mark Beard with 210-14-0. Well done all.

I had top weight on my bank so I knew my original tactics were justified and I still had all my expensive carbon in its original state. Now all that was left was that dreaded struggle up "Cardiac Hill" to the car park. Deep joy!

Mark Beard

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29th November 2015

Hartleylands - Reservoir

Our recent match at this lovely fishery was unfortunately spoiled by the weather from storm "Clodagh". The wind was horrific at times, probably on par with a couple of matches we fished at Tylers Common, Ash Lake and on Elphicks Fisheries, Match Lake in the past. I'm sure some of our senior members remember those outings!

As is so often when faced with conditions like this, you just have to make the best out of a difficult day and get on with it, so well done to all the anglers who fished.

I struggled with the conditions, as did we all, and left the pole in the bag and simply legered. To be honest even that was a lottery at times as consistent casting proved nigh on impossible. I "visited" both trees where I was drawn which proved frustrating and having to retackle up to carry on fishing gives you an idea how dire the conditions were. I thought three lost fish would cost me, but talking to other members after the match confirmed others had suffered similar problems.

Despite all this a few fish were caught. Mark Beard won the day with a hard earnt 54-4-0. Dave Barr was second with 42-1-0; Terry Benson was third with 34-4-0 and fourth was Bob Edwards with 31-9-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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6th December 2015

Pittlands Lakes - Lake A - Silverfish Only

Our last match of the season was at the fabulous Pittlands Lakes on Lake A.

Our matches here are always looked forward to and with a good hearty cooked breakfast in their comfortable clubhouse it makes a nice start to the day. Thank you to the staff at Pittlands for making us welcome.

Silver fish matches were introduced a few seasons ago to add variation to our match calendar and this lake offers the very best in that department.

Despite a brisk westerly wind and the odd rain shower the lake fished very well and produced some good weights with only eight pounds separating the top four places. Quality skimmers, roach, crucians and specimen perch were caught along with an unseasonal tench. Even gudgeon showed up, such is the quality and variation of fish on this lovely lake. The banter and laughter flowed fantastically and really made my day with our Warren even creating his own "Water" feature, much to our amusement!

Bob Edwards was top weight on the day with 61-10-0, very well fished Bob. Terry Benson finished a close second with 59-6-0, Mark Beard was third with 55-7-0 and Warren Peaty was fourth with 53-0-0. Well done all.

Another record breaking season comes to an end. A new club champion, Warren Peaty, and runner up, Terry Benson, many congratulations gentlemen, thoroughly deserved. A new club record weight of 27,948-14-0 was caught. Many new club venue and personal weights were bettered, in all another exceptional year, very well done to all. Many congratulations to all our competition/trophy winners and participants. Individual achievements may be seen within our results pages.

As usual my personal thanks to all our committee, captains, scales persons, members and guests for making this a special year. Your company, competition and banter are much appreciated. A special thank you to Ross, Biagio, Bob E', Terry and our web site gurus for all the hard work you do behind the scenes, and to anyone else who helps towards the running of our successful club.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all and your loved ones a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2016, and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Mark Beard

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