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Match Reports 2016

Welcome to our Match Reports page. There will not necessarily be a report on every match and nor will it be a blow by blow account, more of a general personal view of the day by the writer.

There will also occasionally be items on other matters such as waters that we have visited, tackle shops etc.

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20th March 2016

Pittlands Lake A - Silver fish only

Our new season started on the excellent Lake A at Pittlands.

With the obligatory cooked breakfast followed by our annual prize giving we were finally ready to fish our match. LGAC thanks Alan Oakeshott and his team at Pittlands for the use of their facilities and for looking after us as they always do.

Warren Peaty and Ross McGilvery had organized a couple of recent silvers only matches on this lake and four pegs in particular had been producing the better weights. The sport is so good on this lake that the winner can come from any peg.

A north east wind had been blowing on the complex for over a week so we expected the fishing to be a bit slower. I hadn't had a bite for over twenty minutes after the starting whistle as I hadn't drawn one of the fancied pegs and wondered if it was going to be one of days. Slowly but surely the fish started biting, but you had to keep varying your presentation to add fish to your keep net.

Warren Peaty won the day with a well-deserved 66-10-0, well Fished Warren. Mark Beard was second with 54-0-0; Terry Benson was third with 47-8-0 and fourth was Biagio Scialo with 46-3-0

Ross McGilvery and Biagio Scialo caught specimen tench of 3-1-0 and 2-5-0 and Biagio and Terry Benson caught specimen roach of 1-9-0 and 1-7-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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3rd April 2016

Tricklebrook Match Lake

This beautiful fishery is located in a lovely part of the Kent countryside. The Match Lake although reasonably small is not an easy place to fish and careful consideration must be given to your tactics.

In the main part of the match lake there's a central island at about 16 meters which in my opinion holds the majority of the better quality fish needed to frame in a match. The problem is you have to pretty much fish to the edges of the island to enjoy any consistent sport.

At this time of year (early April) this can be pole fished at length and you can reach the island edges in most swims to fish, or feeder fish. After the leaves on the trees appear on the trees and of course the branches grow out from the island it can become a real challenge.

The other part of the lake has no island but due to most of the pegs here being on a fairly narrow spit of land fishing the long pole requires multiple break downs or can fished on the waggler or again feeder fished to far bank features.

Allowing for all the above there are some lovely fish to be caught providing you fish a tidy match. There's quality roach, skimmers, some enormous F1's along with different carp species but they all take some catching!

I was pegged next to the eventual winner, Warren Peaty who fished a long pole to the island. Warren more than tripled my weight with a well earnt 150-10-0 and it was a pleasure/education to see how he fished his peg on the day, very well angled Warren.

Second was Chris Kochevar who was pegged on the other part of the lake with 91-0-0, very well fished Chris. Third was Mark Beard with 48-14-0 and fourth was Terry Benson with 33-6-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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10th April 2016

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 5

This was a strange match in many ways, although nothing surprises me how fickle fish can be at times.

We'd had quite a severe frost in London the night before, with having to scrape the car windows first thing in the morning, so I guess logically the outside temperatures in the countryside would be a lot lower. The south easterly winds didn't help much either, it was quite chilly at times.

What did surprise me, despite this lake being quite deep, how quickly the fish refused to feed for any length of time and left me pondering what the best way to approach it was. Despite feeding different lines both negatively and positively at similar depths I never really came to any real conclusions. It clearly was a case of catching what you could and then resting a swim then trying somewhere else. I even tried a small feeder to the island, but again no clear answers materialised. It just shows going with a plan 'A' isn't always the best thing to do, especially when I was already on plan 'Z' after two hours!!

I guess in hindsight all the above would reflect the lower than expected weights and this was definitely the case.

Warren Peaty fished another excellent match to finish first with 150-10-0, well fished Warren. Terry Benson finished second with 89-15-0, well done Terry. Mark Beard was third with 88-5-0 and fourth on the day was Biagio Scialo with 72-9-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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24th April 2016

Monks Lake 2

Steve Blower joined us today as my guest for this match. Apart from being a very capable angler, it's always good to catch up with him and hear of any news he has from friends who have joined us as guests for the day in past LGAC matches.

In a telephone conversation with him during the week to see if he wanted to fish at Monks, I learnt of the untimely death of former guest Mr Jim Morgan at the young age of 47. Jim was a genial man, always friendly, a brilliant dry sense of humour, and a good angler too. LGAC send their condolences to Jim's family and friends. RIP mate.

I purposely didn't prepare my bait and tackle early for this match. With warmish days and unseasonably cold nights and cold north east winds for much of the week preceding the match I thought the peg draw was going to decide what fate awaited us. To a certain extent this was true, but we did have the use of all the lake and our match captains made sure we all had plenty of room and the best possible chance of a good days sport.

Three end pegs produced the top three weights on this occasion, but looking back on my previous match records this hasn't always been the case on this lake. It has a good depth as have the margins so there's always plenty to investigate if your match is not at first going to plan A!

Discussing the draw with a couple of friends before the off, I was saying I'd love to draw peg 45, having never drawn it in a match before. Guess what peg stuck to my hand? Result! Pegs 45, and 46 possibly some of the best known match pegs, certainly down south. In the past known as "barbel alley", but his seems to have changed in the last few years.

There is a lot going on when you plumb up this peg. The margin to your right is very steep and rocky, but can't be ignored as there is decent reed cover. The first shelve is just that bit further out at 7 sections of my pole and you can actually fish behind you such is the variety afforded by this peg. It is easy to confuse yourself so decided to plumb just two pole swims and have a feeder chuck to whatever took my fancy.

I nearly made the right choices, but couldn't stop our present club champion. Warren Peaty posting his fourth consecutive match win with a well earnt 162-3-0, very well fished Warren. Mark Beard was second with 144-1-0, Bob Edwards was third with 116-13-0 and John Brady was fourth with 72-10-0. Well done everybody.

Mark Beard

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8th May 2016

New Claygate - Lake Sophie

A hot, balmy and very humid day greeted us for our match on Lake Sophie. This coupled with the fish either pre-spawning or actually spawning, (depending on the fish species) it was always going to be a difficult day. The windward end of the lake seemed to hold a few fish, but this very patchy too.

Most anglers endured long spells in between a few bites and most, including myself, were left wondering what to do next! Frustrating? Of course it can be, but given the conditions understandable.

Warren Peaty produced another outstanding display with a match winning 169-13-0, well done Warren. Ross McGilvery was second with 119-8-0, third was Terry Benson with 60-6-0 and fourth was Dougie Watts with 43-10-0. Well done all on a difficult day.

Mark Beard

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22nd May 2016

Arrans Lake - House Side

Thankfully the fish weren't spawning, probably due to the slightly cooler weather, and the promised rain never materialised during our match.

Virtually every peg was being used on the lake. Two club matches and pleasure anglers filled the pegs and incredibly we enjoyed yet again, enormous weights. Two three hour matches with a midday weigh in, (Venue rules) and loads of keep nets are a prerequisite here!

Terry Benson deservedly won the match with 721-2-0, very well done Terry. Warren Peaty was a close second with 699-3-0, followed by Bob Edwards in third place with 518-4-0 and finally Dave Barr in fourth place with 396-12-0. Many congratulations gentleman well angled.

Further accolades are also due to Terry, Bob E' and John Brady (306-0-0) who returned personal best catches. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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5th June 2016

Hartleylands - Nick's Lake

The weather god's had been kind to us. Plenty of sunshine had been forecast with a gentle cooling north east wind, but it was going to be HOT! Not my favourite conditions to fish in especially with what little wind there was blowing into the opposite corner of my eventual peg, such is life! The bailiff had mentioned the carp had already finished spawning so a decent days sport was possible.

We know this lake very well, it contains a healthy stock of fish, mainly carp and F1's but there's plenty of variety of other silver fish to angle for if the carp don't want to play.

As we had our usual pre match chat about the rules and pegging on the day, I pulled out our match peg 4. There are no permanent peg numbers on Nick's lake anymore, but anglers still refer to them as memories from good or bad days still stick in their minds.

I imagined roughly where my peg would be situated in my mind, which was my first mistake! I walked past peg two, walked another twenty five yards, still no peg 3! As I walked past previous pegs that had produced a lake third and a lake first on recent previous matches for our members my heart sank. Eventually passing peg three and to peg 4 my home for the day.

I always stop for a couple of minutes and try assessing my options as these choices can make or break a match outcome. It is a corner peg, which as we know can be feast or famine. Looking across the lake to the corner of the island in front of me looked inviting, but was dismissed straight away as both my neighbours would probably be casting to the similar spot and sharing a shoal of F1's probably wouldn't be good option. A collapsed thorn bush to my right was another option, more of that later. To my left was an extensive reed bed but as this peg sits back you can only fish out so far to them before you can't see your float due to the way the reeds curve away from your sitting position.

I fished this same peg before on our first visit to Nick's Lake in April 2013, but I couldn't make any conclusions as todays match was taking place at a much warmer time of year. I remembered it was deep at eleven meters, probably too deep given the warmer water and again was dismissed as an option. So I decided to fish three and four sections short to my features left and right.

Now for that aforementioned thorn bush! Plumbing slightly away from it revealed a fairly flat bottom, two and a half foot deep and to be honest I thought would be good for a few carp and felt I could fish safely for them. Mistake number two! First couple of carp caught without any fuss then a broken hook length on the next fish quickly followed by the another fish savagely dragging me into the thorn bush and fixing my elastic onto an unseen branch that was growing into the water.

Cursing my stupidity and not wishing to unfairly tether any fish I decided to remove the unseen tree branch by getting in the water. The branch was removed with a ball of old floats and line attached; this was now safe to fish without any further problems. I should add, I was fishing with substantial pole gear and would never have fished this feature if I thought it would endanger the fish life. The previous plumbing up process never revealed this hidden branch.

Fishing hair rigged 8mm pellet and hook mounted meat was the way to go and a 160-0-0 weight at the end of the day from a difficult peg; I felt I'd done the peg justice. Paste was whittled down by the many small roach in the swim which was a shame as it would probably catch the better carp slightly later in the year.

Elsewhere on the lake, current club champion Warren Peaty returned to winning ways. His magnificent 379-13-0 weight was miles ahead of everyone else. Many congratulations Warren, top angling. Second place went to Bob Edwards with an excellent 224-11-0, well fished Bob. Ross McGilvery was third with 188-0-0 and fourth was Terry Benson with 186-11-0. Well done all.

Sitting here typing this and having now exorcised any thoughts of that 'demon' thorn bush from my mind; I look forward to our next visit to this fabulous lake in September!

Mark Beard

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19th June 2016

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 6

This lovely venue near Tonbridge in the Kent countryside is always well attended by our members due to the fantastic and varied fishing it offers. The facilities available to the angler are first class, whether you are match fishing, carp angling or just out for a pleasure session.

Fishery rules oblige us to use multiple keep nets due to the imposed 60 pound limit per net. Match weights approaching 300 pound are common, and as access to the swims is limited due to abundant reed and tree growth, anglers have to be very 'inventive' to how keep nets are distributed around their swims with fish welfare always at the front of our minds, this can be very difficult.

The other thing to be considered is because aerators (deployed near the margins in some pegs at approximately two to three meters from the bank) are understandably employed due to the tremendous stocking policy in these match lakes, the careful distribution of keep nets becomes even more obvious. Despite two phone call requests to the fishery owners for the aerators to be turned off during the duration our match, this was not done, and consequently anglers with operational aerators in their swims had to deal with this too. Three of the top four weights came from pegs not having these working aerators in them.

Warren Peaty continued his tremendous form by winning the day with a very well deserved 312-5-0, many congratulations Warren. Bob Edwards fished a fine match to finish second with 248-3-0, third was Ross McGilvery with an equally impressive return of 217-4-0 and fourth was Biagio Scialo with 186-4-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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3rd July 2016

Sumners Ponds, Match Lake

No report available at present.

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24th July 2016

Tylers Common - Ash Lake

This turned out to be a brilliant match.

Fished in almost perfect conditions: slightly overcast, warm westerly winds and the fish fed very well.

We didn't really expect to catch the weights we did, but great credit to Tyler's Common and well done to those that fished.

Terry Benson finished first with an excellent 531-14-0; Warren Peaty was a very close second with 529-10-0. Third was Bob Edwards with 392-12-0 and fourth was Mark Beard with 390-14-0. Well done everybody.

Mark Beard

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7th August 2016

Lucks Lane

We last fished this venue in 2004 and because the whole lake couldn't be booked due to the previous owners restrictions, we never booked it again due to the number of pegs available for our membership.

It now has new owners, Ben and Vicky. They have slowly been began restoring the fishery to its former glory by repairing the banks, installing a toilet block, building a new tea hut/reception and clearing an area behind the original lake to eventually form a new lake. This of course all takes great effort and expense, but already you can see the fruits of their labour to what has become a lovely fishery.

Ben and Vicky are great hosts making you feel very welcome and providing everything you could want for a lovely days fishing situated in beautiful Kent countryside.

We had a few small matches in late November and early January and despite inclement weather we enjoyed good catches of hard fighting carp so a future club match was booked as you can now book the whole if needed.

The weather was breezy and overcast when we arrived with the sun due to appear later in the day. Slowly but surely the carp were soon on the feed.

Bob Edwards fished a fine match to win the day with a top catch of 265-12-0, very well angled Bob. Terry Benson was second with 186-12-0; Mark Beard was third with 168-14-0 and fourth was Dave Ford with 60-9-0. Well done all.

Future dates have been arranged for club matches and we very much look forward to revisiting this superb venue.

Mark Beard

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21st August 2016

Arrans Lake - House Side

After a leisurely drive down from south east London and arriving 6.45 am at Arrans, the car park was already starting to fill up rather rapidly! Given the extra ordinary match results that have been appearing on the angling grapevine this was no surprise. Clubs from as far away as the Midlands have been sampling the riches that Arrans has to offer and anyone in the 'know' will understand what I mean.

Nearly every peg on the main lake was occupied with one of three different clubs that had booked to fish Arrans and it still produced the tremendous match weights we can enjoy.

Warren Peaty produced another fine angling display to win the match by a country mile with a weight of 747-1-0. In the process setting a new personal best weight, a new one day club record match weight and a new club match venue weight, very well done Warren. Mark Beard was a distant second again with a new personal best weight of 494-8-0, third was Terry Benson with 483-12-0 and fourth was Bob Edwards with 419-12-0.

Further congratulations also to Ross McGilvery for a new personal best of 408-0-0 and John Brady who caught a new personal best weight of 350-9-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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4th September 2016

Monks - Lake 4

Brisk westerly winds accompanied by overnight rain made this a very difficult match for those who fished.

It's always easy to over analyse a difficult day, but in truth most of us struggled as the lake just seemed to turn off. There were a few fish to be caught, and when you consider that just over nine pounds separated six lower placings you can see how important each fish was.

We welcomed Graham Walker as our guest. We hope you enjoyed your day with us and look forward to your company on future LGAC matches.

Terry Benson was first with 106-11-0, well fished Terry. Ross McGilvery was second with 75-14-0; Bob Edwards was third with 60-2-0 and fourth was Dave Ford with 45-11-0. Well done all on a difficult day.

Mark Beard

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18th September 2016

Hartleylands - Nick's Lake

Our matches on Nick's are always eagerly anticipated for reasons I've mentioned in previous reports.

Our expectations were somewhat curtailed when Bill (Hartley Lands bailiff) informed us that recent match weights had been lower than expected across many of Hartley Lands lakes. Now, while there may be many reasons for this, (too many to mention here) I've never known the same peg to fish the same on two consecutive days, let alone two lakes!

I must admit as I was preparing for our match there wasn't many fish topping as you usually see on this lovely lake. Just as this thought occurred to me, a decent carp rolled in my neighbours swim!

The final weights were not good as our previous matches here, but the actual results made for a more exciting match. Carp were often seen in the margins, but they didn't feed there for everybody. Some of our members witnessed how 'spooky' they appeared and wouldn't feed for any length of time before disappearing. In a strange sort of way I prefer this, as it offers a greater challenge to outwit my quarry and more satisfaction if I succeed if in my efforts.

Paul Veal was first with an excellent new Personal Best 202-0-0 catch, very well angled Paul. A close second was our current club champion; Warren Peaty with 195-8-0, third was Bob Edwards with 148-3-0 and fourth was Mark Beard was with 113-11-0. Well done all.

The ever improving John Brady was only three ounces behind me with a brilliant catch of 113-8-0. Mainly due to four enormous margins caught carp in the final hour of the match, and again, very well done John.

Mark Beard

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2nd October 2016

Chart Fishery Match Lake

Membership numbers were down to fish this match due to late holidays and other arrangements. However, we did have two guests fishing with us today. It was good to see you again Dave and to welcome to our new guest Andrew. Thank you both for joining us at Chart.

A match at this fabulous fishery is capable of being won off any peg; such is the consistency and quality of the sport available. The fish are a good average competition size and because of the condition of the fish and the water quality here mixed with the fairly shallow nature of the lake, the carp fight very hard.

It's important you get your tactics right here or you can find yourself a long way behind at the midday weigh in (fishery rules). On the restart, my neighbouring competitor Chris Kochevar caught a beautiful 16-4-0 mirror carp which soon cancelled my 7-0-0 half time lead over him. Chris had chosen to fish the pole for virtually the whole match and it looked like it was paying dividends.

The time passed very quickly and it was obvious that a number of anglers had a very productive afternoon. We had our final weigh in and it was very close indeed.

Warren Peaty returned a superb waggler caught 269-14-0, very well fished Warren. Mark Beard was second with 242-9-0; Chris Kochevar was third with 234-12-0 and fourth was Ross McGilvery with 166-15-0.

A special mention and many congratulations to our guest Andrew Williams, who on his first match with us weighed in a superb 200-9-0 and also caught his best ever match weight. Very well done.

With four weights of over 200 pound and many superb back up results it's easy to see why we love to fish this beautiful venue. I can't wait to come back!

Mark Beard

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16th October 2016

New Claygate - Lake Eva

The drive down to New Claygate Lakes was uneventful and straightforward, but it did start to rain just as I pulled into the car park.

Dave (bailiff) had afforded us plenty of room (Thank you Dave) for our match and it was interesting to note how this lovely fishery had transformed itself into its early autumn colours.

You have to fish a tidy match here to accumulate a decent match weight. There's an ample stock of beautiful fish to catch here, but as the weather turns cooler the 'educated' fish take some catching, especially the F1's.

Along with the early rain, the southerly wind decided to increase in speed which makes float presentation difficult for these clever fish.

The sun finally made a welcome appearance for the rest of the day with the odd shower. The fish were generally caught in two's and three's which can be frustrating but for me makes it extremely satisfying catching these wary fish.

Warren Peaty fished a fine match to win the day with 115-11-0. Well angled Warren. Chris Kochevar was second with 63-7-0, closely followed by Bob Edwards with 61-14-0 and fourth was Mark Beard with 58-11-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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30th October 2016

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 6

With the recent unseasonal day and night temperatures still being way above normal, we was hoping that Orchard Place Farm would still produce consistent sport, it didn't let us down!

It was still tricky at times, but that's what you expect with F1's. The end pegs produced most of the better weights, but everyone still caught plenty of fish. Orchard Place Farm is a lovely place to fish and is a real credit to its owners for the variety it offers to anglers.

Top weight on the day was caught by Warren Peaty with an exceptional 348-14-0, very well fished Warren. He also set a new LGAC lake club venue record with this fine catch. Second was Bob Edwards with 225-2-0, third was John Brady with 177-9-0 and fourth was Terry Benson with 163-1-0.

Well done to our guest Andrew Williams who caught 174-13-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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13th November 2016

Tylers Common - Willow Lake

Our last two autumn matches on Willow Lake have coincided with unusually high weather temperatures, and consequently match weights have been excellent.

The match weights today were always going to be more conservative given the recent cooler temperatures and this proved so. The colour had dropped out of the water and the fish were spookier than usual, but some decent weights were still caught.

Warren Peaty won our match with an excellent weight of 192-4-0, very well fished Warren. Second was Dave Barr with 111-6-0, third was Terry Benson with 104-6-0 and fourth was Bob Edwards with 80-2-0. Many congratulations to all of you.

Mark Beard

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27th November 2016

Hartleylands Reservoir

Due to the fisheries rule regarding the booking of this lake after October, we really don't get to see the best of what this lake can produce. Our match was going to take place on a cold cloudy day with a persistent north east wind blowing on it, so it was always going to be difficult and bites were at a premium.

Hartley Lands have recently been sold and LGAC would like to thank the owners for the privilege of allowing us to fish there for the last twelve years. We wish you much luck with your future ventures. The new owners have adventurous plans for the fishery and we look forward to meeting them.

Mark Beard won his first match of the season with a hard earnt 30-7-0 on bomb and small feeder tactics. Second was Dave Ford with a well-deserved 21-6-0 for a mixed carp and silvers catch. Third was Bob Edwards with 20-9-0 and fourth was Warren Peaty with 17-9-0. Well done all

A special mention for former club member Simon Glendinning, our guest for the day, who weighed in 39-1-0. It was good to see you again Simon and well done on your carp catch.

Highlight of the day was Terry Benson demonstrating just how warm it was on our bank (NOT!) by briefly sitting in just his bib and brace with no shirt on, much to the amusement of everyone! Stick with the fishing Terry, your modelling days are long gone!!

Mark Beard

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4th December 2016

Pittlands Lake A - Silverfish Only

On arrival it was obvious that the fishing today would be challenging, the lakes had frozen overnight! Despite hearing on the grapevine that Lake B had produced excellent winning silver fish weights of around 30 pound on the previous day, thoughts of these weights completely went out of the window when I heard our match captains testing how thick the ice was on Lake A! This coupled with a shallow lake, forecasted bright sunny skies and a light north east wind; any weight would be an achievement!

We consumed the excellent cooked breakfast, paid our dues and commenced with the draw. The ice breaking commenced. I wasn't particularly sure what my peg would produce knowing that it hadn't framed on any of our silver fish matches here, but that's the beauty of this lake. It's absolutely filled with quality silvers (and some enormous carp) and in truth; the winning weight can come from any peg.

I try to break the ice in a controlled manner, preferably a channel to allow me to fish to the ice edges and as far out as possible to give me at last three options to catch fish. Thankfully the ice was only about a quarter of an inch thick and it didn't take long to do, and the extra exercise warms you up very nicely!

I did consider starting on liquidised bread and punched bread hook bait, but the ducks here can spot a piece of bread from 500 yards and cause havoc in your swim! Terry appeared from the car park consuming his fourth roll of the day (after a breakfast as well!) and every duck followed him around the lake as he walked back to his swim. Much to the amusement of some, but I got the impression that Warren wasn't impressed!!

It always amazes me when breaking the ice and making so much noise that bites generally follow so quickly. The fish didn't want much feed and indications on the float were minimal, but fish were feeding. It paid to feed very small amounts, catch a couple of fish and then move to a new area and repeat the process.

The time passed quickly and it was soon time to weigh in. Terry Benson won the match with a late flurry of quality skimmers with a fine catch of 21-6-0, very well done Terry. Mark Beard was second with 19-2-0. Warren Peaty was third with 16-1-0 and fourth was John Brady with 13-3-0. Well done everyone.

Another very enjoyable season comes to an end. Warren Peaty retained his Club Championship, very well done Warren on an outstanding year. Runner up was Bob Edwards, many congratulations gentlemen, thoroughly deserved. Many new club venue and personal weights were bettered, in all another good year, very well done to all. Many congratulations to all our competition/trophy winners and participants. Individual achievements may be seen within our results pages.

My personal thank you to our committee, captains, scales persons, members and guests for all your efforts this year. Your company, competition and banter are much appreciated. A special thank you to Ross, Biagio, Bob E', Terry and our web site guru for all the hard work you do behind the scenes, and to anyone else who helps towards the running of our successful club.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all and your loved ones a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2017, and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Mark Beard

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