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Welcome to our Match Reports page. There will not necessarily be a report on every match and nor will it be a blow by blow account, more of a general personal view of the day by the writer.

There will also occasionally be items on other matters such as waters that we have visited, tackle shops etc.

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19th March 2017

Pittlands Lake A - Silver fish only

Time passes so quickly and before I realised it, our new season has started!

It has now become traditional for LGAC to start our season with a silver fish match. As has been mentioned in previous reports, Pittlands, Lake A provides some of the best silver fish sport available.

The regulatory breakfasts were consumed followed by a brief annual prize giving. LGAC would like to thank Alan Oakeshott and his team at Pittlands for the use of their facilities and for looking after us as they always do.

Strong westerly winds greeted us for our match and fishing tackle would need anchoring down or as some people found out, you'll be chasing it around the lake!!

My normal match pole is having its number 5 section repaired at the moment, so I had to rig my margin pole with a couple of lighter elastics and I was interested to see how it would fish with "half a broomstick!" Typical of my drawing arm, I drew a peg with the wind full in my face for the day but in reality the margin pole was comfortable given these conditions!

Mark Beard won the day with 33-14-0; Bob Edwards was a close second with 31-2-0, third was Andrew Williams with 23-15-0 and fourth was Terry Benson with 20-9-0.

A special mention to Warren Peaty and John Brady, our guests for the day who posted 62-5-0 and 41-11-0 weights respectively. Many congratulations gentlemen well fished. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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2rd April 2017

Lucks Lane Fishery

I left the house earlier today to meet at the prearranged cafe for breakfast on route. Whilst I agree the extra calories are not ideal, it does kick start the day. This cafe serves a varied menu to suit all tastes! It's also a local hub where anglers from other clubs exchange stories and good information about local venues. The weather looked promising too, no strong winds, plenty of sunshine etc.

We didn't have the whole lake but more than sufficient room to peg our requirements. Thank you to owners Ben and Vickie, LGAC appreciate this.

Recent matches suggested the carp were slowly waking up from their winter lumber and having not fished this venue before in April I was hopeful they would be more obliging from most pegs.

I drew Lucks peg 18, usually a decent winter draw, but the winter just passed had thrown up a couple of blanks in some matches. It was an end peg for me on day, but in truth it was slow going. Stop, start, typical early spring carp fishing. It didn't help when an adjacent peg near to me was fished mid-morning by two pleasure anglers who proceeded to throw in handfuls of dog biscuits into their swim and proceeded to floater fish!.....It's their prerogative of course, I have no complaints, but my long line died a death! Lol. :-) ..and typical of my luck lately!

Terry Benson won from the favoured 'Tree peg' with an excellent 208-11-0, very well fished Terry. (.Did you borrow Warren's famous drawing arm? ;-) Bob Edwards was a very close second with 200-3-0, again, well fished Bob. Mark Beard was third with 118-8-0 and Ross McGilvery was fourth with 112-11-0.

A very pleasant day, which as always was filled with brilliant banter and laughs! Well done all ..Now, what have I done with my supply of dog biscuits? :-)

Mark Beard

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9th April 2017

Hartleylands Nick's Lake

New owners have recently acquired Hartley Lands Fishery and the complex is in transition to suit their new plans. Some lakes being are remodelled, new fishing platforms, destocking/restocking, and tree clearance. Nick's Lake is to be decommissioned as a match lake in 2018 and become a carp/specimen lake. The reasoning given on their Facebook page is due to dwindling club member sizes and subsequent booking numbers. The Reservoir and Pear Tree lakes will serve as their match lakes. LGAC wish the new owners much success with their new acquisition.

It was no surprise given the above that the bankside surrounding Nick's Lake looked vastly different from our last visit there. The usual serenity of this beautiful venue was disturbed with the sound of earth moving machinery and the very noisy geese who disapproved of the proceedings. I'm sure when the work on Nick's and the surrounding lakes is finished that Hartley Lands will once again be improved/restored to its former beauty. We look forward to visiting it again in future months to see how this project develops.

We occupied the right hand bank (Viewed from the road) affording us plenty of room for our members. Hot, humid conditions were forecast for the day the only question being would the fish respond to our tactics and food offerings.

I'd drawn my third end peg in succession and as mentioned in my Lucks Lane post, other users would be fishing this lake too, this can be a blessing or a hindrance!....A large scattering of boilies followed by the loud crashing of a carp fishers rig into the water slightly to the left of the water in front of me confirmed my latter thoughts.

Recent rumours for those in the know had suggested fish stocks had been lowered/sold off. This of course is the owner's prerogative, and while catch weights have recently been lower than expected it saves carrying up to six keep nets and consequently, shorter weigh ins.

Our match time passed quickly as it always does. I had enjoyed the day and caught what I felt was a good weight from my peg. I couldn't really gauge how I had done from the pegs further up the lake but I was happy.

It had indeed been close! Mark Beard won the day with a weight of 105-4-0; Andrew Williams was a very, very close second with 105-2-0, Terry Benson was third with 101-3-0 and fourth was Bob Edwards with 82-13-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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23rd April 2017

Monks Lake 3

We hadn't fished Lake 3 for nearly five years so a return visit was in order!

Being a typical spring day with cold nights and warm days I wasn't too sure what to expect. I knew the carp have grown considerably in size, but as we all know the bigger they get, the craftier they are.

No one was catching lots of fish, but the average stamp was very good. All the f1's and carp I caught were in immaculate condition and fought like the clappers!

Terry Benson fished a great match to win the day with 109-12-0. Ross McGilvery was a close second with 101-14-0. Mark beard was third with 100-8-0 and fourth was Dave Ford with 96-11-0.

Our guest for the day, Simon Glendinning also fished a fine match for a total weight of 111-13-0. Well done mate, a lovely way to christen your new pole and thoroughly deserved. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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7th May 2017

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 10

Today's match was held on a new lake for us, Lake 10 at the excellent Orchard Place Farm in Kent.

This lake is a silverfish only stocked lake and we've seen it gradually evolve over the last two years when we've fished other lakes at Orchard Farm.

It is now completely reed lined and stocked with all forms of silvers and is still so relatively new that it has no peg numbers on it yet. It's sort of crescent moon shaped with a couple of islands with a central bowl area and is quite deep, at around 6 foot with slow sloping sides and gulley's especially around the islands which are steep sided. Obviously as time goes on this will settle down and I personally think this lake will be very popular, it has loads of potential.

We pegged the match around two sides of the islands and into the bowl area. A sneaky recce wasn't possible, so it was totally new to most of us including myself, which I enjoy.

It was generally a cold day, not warming up until 2 pm. But despite this some good silver weights were caught with a couple of real bonus fish with Ross McGilvery catching an excellent 6-2-0 barbel and Mark Beard caught a 6 pound bream. Most of the catches were made up of quality skimmers and there is an abundance of small roach. The fish were caught in one's and two's and then you had to wait, but this was purely down to the inclement weather and the cold wind. We look forward to further matches on this lovely lake.

It was good to see Simon Glendinning and Bob Farrer our guests for the day.

I was pegged next to Dave Barr, an excellent silver fish catcher who smacked my proverbial with a fine 38-1-0 winning catch, very well angled Dave. I always enjoy his company, and as usual we had a good laugh. Thank you for the lesson mate and a very enjoyable day. Terry Benson was second with 34-9-0. Terry had us all laughing with his no 2 elastic, on a puller kit! But to be fair it worked for him and he did well. Ross McGilvery was third with 32-9-0 and fourth was Mark Beard with 29-5-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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2st May 2017

Arrans Lake - House Side

A warm, mostly cloudy day with a light SE wind coincided with our first visit to Arrans this year.

Predictably the usual fliers on House side looked like they contained lots of fish, but good weights are produced from most pegs here.

The matches at Arrans are split into two three hour events with a midday weigh in (venue rules).

Multiple keep nets are required and although most people had enjoyed sport throughout the morning, when I looked along the row of anglers most had still got only two or three keep nets in the water. Carp had not shown in any numbers in the margins with most people owning up to silver fish inhabiting these areas. Most weights showed between 85 to 100 pounds had been caught, which by Arrans standards showed the sport had been slow.

The afternoon match progressed and pretty much mirrored the morning match with flurries of carp being caught before it went quiet until the next shoal arrived. As the carp didn't want to be in the margins for any length of time it became obvious if you had a depth of between 2.5 to three feet with any type of nearby cover you would definitely catch regularly. Overfeeding led to foul hooked fish so you had to be careful.

Mark Beard won the day with 259-9-0; Terry Benson was second with 198-12-0, third was Bob Edwards with 184-4-0 and fourth was Dave Barr with 182-11-0.

Our guest for the day, Allan Oakeshott returned a weight of 257-3-0. Well done everybody.

Mark Beard

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4th June 2017

Hartleylands - Nick's Lake

Sadly this was our last match on this lovely lake as the new owners are converting it to their new specimen lake. We wish them well. Ongoing work was still visible with the joining of two lakes next to Nick's Lake, as well as new paths and constructed parking areas.

It was a windy day and at times it got cold with some of our members scurrying back to their cars for extra clothing! Being pegged between Terry and Bob E' the banter flowed and made for a very enjoyable day, thank you gentlemen for your company.

The fishing was generally consistent, not hectic, with the odd quiet spell, but with some good close final weights, including good back up returns. As usual, Nick's threw up the odd surprise in the shape of an excellent barbel of 8-1-0 for our guest for the day, Bob Farrer, and Bob Edwards had a fine 2-2-0 perch. Mark Beard also landed a 2-12-0 perch.

I'm going to miss this lake on our match calendar as I'm sure are many of our members. It's been a fair and productive water for us over the five years LGAC has fished it. It's what I would call a "thinking anglers" water, with so many options open to you.

Mark Beard won the day with 165-1-0, second was Terry Benson with a very close 163-11-0, Bob Edwards was third with 149-12-0 and fourth was Paul Veal with 146-14-0. Well done all

Mark Beard

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18th June 2017

New Claygate - Lake Sophie

Our match on Lake Sophie coincided with possibly the hottest conditions I've ever fished in, with very little breeze to offer any relief from the relentless heat.

It's not unusual to catch a quick three or four fish which can give you the false impression that it's going to be a bagging day, but the F1's in this lake are wily fish and have seen it all before! Being a deep snake type lake it doesn't take much to get them feeding at all the wrong depths and catching them can become really troublesome with liners and false indications. Feeding correctly is the secret I've found on here with really accurate plumbing up which is difficult with the depths being made up of steep sloping sides and to depths of over six foot at full depth. Finding shallow water both on the near and far shelf is also difficult with over growing vegetation.

Shallow fishing can have its benefits, but again you have to keep changing the depths to keep in contact with the fish and this doesn't last for very long before your left scratching your head again wondering what to do next! I found it does benefit you if you keep rotating swims catching a few fish and then fishing another part of your swim. Its interesting fishing and I enjoy it but it can be equally frustrating at times and it's easy to be a 'busy fool' with very little returns for your efforts. I was fortunate to have a twenty minute period between 3 pm and 3.20 when I caught the majority of my fish and these are the opportunities you have to make the best of when they occur.

Ross McGilvery certain made the best of the chances afforded him by returning an excellent 99-8-0 weight to easily win this match. Very well fished Ross and fully deserved. Dave Barr was second with 73-11-0, Bob Edwards was third with 64-1-0 and Mark beard was fourth with 62-4-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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2nd July 2017

Monks Lake 4

Lake 4 is a very challenging lake to match fish. Of our last 8 matches on here only one match has been won off a peg that was not considered to be a favourable area. Along with the fact that it is also very silty, with very few hard patches to be found, very little in the way of any discerning shelves, margins which are littered with nearside reed and leave deposits and when you plumb the margins left and right at your peg you have enormous depth variations you can begin to appreciate what I mentioned in my first sentence!

We generally fish this lake in September/October, but this year we moved our annual match on this lake to early July to see if our results would differ. Our match captains also pegged another part of the lake. While I wasn't too sure about this decision at first, the end result was mostly correct as the majority of the weights were very close when it came to weighing in.

Before the start I heard a voice I recognised from another match on the complex, it was Martin Orwell a good friend from our Southwark Fisheries and Preservation Society and Southwark and Camberwell Angling Society days. It was good to catch up with him, and as he fishes Monk lakes more than I do he gave me some good information about my peg, thank you Martin.

Feeding the absolute minimum of bait to get an indication was the way to go or the inevitable fizzing would begin and foul hooking became a problem. Once this starts you're better off starting a new swim, and this, for me, was the way to proceed.

One thing that did make me smile; a pleasure angler's umbrella unfortunately blew into the lake. He must have been a good two hundred yards from our side of the lake. The upsides down umbrella, wind assisted, navigated it between the islands and down towards my swim and firmly lodged itself under a tree in my margin swim! And just for good measure, blew it at right angles and wiped out my short swim, the joys of angling eh! I was able to net it and return it to one grateful owner, my good deed done for the day!

Terry Benson easily won the day with a fine 82-3-0 catch after having a very slow morning. Very well fished Terry and a fully deserved win. Mark Beard was a distant second with 44-11-0; Dave Barr was third with a very close 44-10-0 and fourth was Andrew Williams with 40-15-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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23rd July 2017

Tylers Common - Ash Lake

After stopping off for the obligatory breakfast and the much needed coffee to awaken my senses and arriving in the car park at Tylers I briefly wondered what the day had in store for us.

The weather forecast had promised an indifferent day with sunshine, a brisk wind and showers from 2 pm onwards. I enjoy fishing this venue, but it can be a testing place to comfortably fish when the weather is unkind...And the walk back up 'cardiac hill' will test anyone's mettle!

I'd been advised that Ash Lake had received an injection of new stock so wasn't sure how it would fish. You have plenty of room on your pegs and trees and bushes separating each peg and lots of nearby features to explore.

The fishing for me was steady through the morning, others had a slower start. The newly stocked carp were a good average size and as expected I caught quicker in the afternoon with the odd carp up to ten pounds.

Terry Benson won the day with well deserved 300-8-0, well done Terry. Bob Edwards was second with 245-0-0, Mark Beard was third with 204-11-0 and Ross McGilvery was fourth with 193-10-0. Well done all.

The rain thankfully held off until we walked back up to the car park and then it poured down and we all got soaked!....Don't you just love fishing at times? :-)

Mark Beard

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6th August 2017

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 6

If you like your F1 fishing and the chance to sit and enjoy some of the glorious Kent countryside, this is one of the very best places to be. The F1's here are some of the most stunning fish you'll see. With the average stamp certainly above two pounds and specimens to around five pounds and all of them are in such good condition.

Good weights are possible here but you have to work hard with constant depth changing and feeding to keep in touch with these fickle fish if fishing shallow, as tapping or slapping is not allowed. Organisation of your setup is also worth thinking about as the 60 pound net weight limit requires multiple keep nets that have to be placed in confined swims.

It's not just about F1 fishing here, although they are the most prominent species on Lake 6. Mirror and common carp, the odd barbel, skimmer bream and even the humble gudgeon are there to be enjoyed.

Mark Beard won the day with 285-1-0, Bob Edwards was second with 215-13-0, third was Ross McGilvery with 160-8-0 and Terry Benson was fourth with 154-0-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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20th August 2017

Arrans Lake - House Side

Summer time matches at Arrans are usually big weight affairs. Today was to be no different.

With multiple keep nets and plenty of bait to feed these hungry carp it really is a heads down simple approach that often wins here.

Recent bank work on House side has changed the look and familiarity on this side of the lake. The bush and Willow tree (half way down House side) have been removed and the pegs have been evened out and backfilled. This not only makes this a fairer match as everyone is now the same distance from the water's edge, but it's much safer too.

On plumbing my peg it was obvious that not only had the bank work changed its visible looks, I couldn't find a reasonably flat bottom close in to fish it properly on the customary top kit even when fishing a line to hand approach. It was also strewn with tree roots and other debris and I had to fish a pole section longer to find any consistent depth to avoid unnecessary foul hooking.

The half day weigh in (fishery rules) showed that Terry Benson's 319 pound was leading by 70 pound from the next best weight.

Terry continued to catch well virtually all afternoon and won the day with a well deserved 611-8-0. Well done Terry. Bob Edwards was second with a fine catch of 382-13-0; Mark Beard was third with 349-1-0 and fourth was Dave Barr with 335-10-0.

Congratulations to new personal best fish catch weights to Andrew Williams, 322-10-0, and Dave Ford, 249-1-0.

Finally, a very well done to our guest for the day, Allan Oakeshott who returned a fine catch of 535-0-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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3rd September 2017

Monks - Lake 2

As is typical of a day at Monk Lakes, the weather was to play a big part in the proceedings. A steady 10 to 12 mph wind was forecast for the day with promise of some late afternoon rain showers. Thankfully the rain held off, but the wind did turn around almost 90 degrees in the afternoon and sport generally picked up.

We welcomed new LGAC member Gary Fishlock. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to your company on many future matches with our club.

End pegs generally produce the favoured draws on most lakes, especially on Lake 2 and this was again the case today. Monk Lake's management had kindly afforded us plenty of pegs (Thank you Morgan much appreciated) therefore everyone had plenty of room.

A left to right wind on pegs 45 to 55 in the morning made long pole fishing a challenge and catches were fairly slow, but in the afternoon this turned around to virtually in our face and the sport picked up considerably.

Terry Benson made no mistake on end peg 55 and won the day with a well deserved 167-14-0 which included a fine net of mixed silver fish of over 45 pound, very well done Terry. Andrew Williams on end peg 65 who also enjoyed a consistent day and weighed in 130-10-0 for a very well deserved second place. Bob Edwards was third with 115-2-0 and fourth was Mark Beard with 108-0-0.

Our guest for the day, previous LGAC member and club champion, Warren Peaty also weighed in an excellent 134-15-0. It was good to see you again Warren and hope you can join us again soon on future matches.

I have finally purchased a barrow platform to transport the ridiculous amount of gear we take to our pegs! :-) Why I never did this years ago I'll never know! To be able to drive home without an aching back to me is a godsend. Will I ever learn? :-)

Well done all.

Mark Beard

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17th September 2017

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 5

I always enjoy fishing Orchard Place Farm. Plenty of lakes to choose from and nearly every sort of course fish to satisfy the pleasure/match angler needs.

The match lakes (Lakes 5, 6 and 10) have matured into beautiful lakes not only to fish but to offer the angler different methods they want to fish in some of the loveliest surroundings possible.

We were on Lake 5 today, a lake that can leave you scratching your head sometimes as to what you've done wrong in match fishing terms to get into the frame, and I certainly did that today!

I'm a very positive angler when it comes to feeding and that was my main mistake today. Instead, it definitely paid to feed and wait for indications, but I'll know next time. ...Or will I? Probably not! :-)

One angler who definitely got his tactics right on the day was Paul Veal who won our match with 191-2-0. Very well angled Paul and thoroughly deserved. Second was the ever consistent Terry Benson with 153-11-0. Third was Ross McGilvery with 144-12-0 and fourth was Dave Barr with 102-7-0.

One of the things I've always enjoyed with our club is the excellent banter that always abounds when we fish. It's always light hearted and good fun and bordering on the insane sometimes, but having a day out with your mates should be about that and the fishing isn't bad either!

I had a laugh with Terry in the next peg earlier in the day, the latter part of the afternoon's entertainment was provided by Gary, our newest member.

We generally fish until 4 pm in the lighter daylight hours and Gary had heard a final whistle from another match on another lake at 3 o'clock. At 3.15 pm I heard a voice from the other side of the island exclaiming ..."...Was that whistle for us? I've thrown the last of my bait in and partially packed away!"....Roars of laughter from around the lake!....Gary, you're a star mate, and thank you for making our day!...And a nicer bloke you couldn't wish to meet, top man.

Well done all.

Mark Beard

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1st October 2017

Lucks Lane Fishery

The forecast was for light rain and 10 to 15 mph wind for most of the day, and they weren't wrong!

The left hand bank (looking from the car park end) is generally the one to avoid in the draw bag when conditions are like this. The lake is located in an elevated position and this magnifies the elements. Having drawn this side more times than I care to imagine, water ripples can resemble waves on a winter's day at Brighton beach!

However, the previous weekend my wife and I were out and about and popped into Lucks where Terry and Ross were a having a recce on the lake and fishing on pegs towards the 'Tree' end, and it was obvious where most of the carp had congregated towards their favoured Winter haunt.

Our numbers were increased this weekend due to ex members Warren, John and Bob F' joining us as our guests for the day. It's always good to see you gentleman and thank you for presence.

The above mentioned pegs quickly produced fish and with previous club champion Bob Edwards on one of them, it was quickly clear to see where the winner would come from. Next door to Bob was Andrew whose peg next to the Tree also produced fish quickly. Having fished there myself in a past match this can be a strange peg. It generally produces fish quickly then dies on you just the same with the carp either retreating under the tree and associated snags or the fish moving around the other side of the tree, which unfortunately is now unfishable due to a damaged platform. Gary who was drawn one down from the tree also found fish quickly and with advice from Terry mentioning if he fished for the full duration of the match this time, he too would have a good weight!!

I had drawn the favoured winter peg, but to be fair this peg has struggled to hold any numbers of fish as results had shown the previous winter. It's a comfortable peg, sheltered from the today's weather elements, but I couldn't muster a fish and never had a bite for 30 minutes. Terry and Ross to my right were catching regularly where as John, Dave F' and myself looked at motionless floats! Opposite me, ex member/guest/present club champion Warren was doing what he does best, filling his nets!

By the midday break I reckoned on 35 pounds in my nets, miles off the pace for today's match. The 20 minute break did me a big favour. I had a major rethink and minutes after the restart, had an 11 pound carp which changed my match completely. Those who were regularly catching on our side of the lake mysteriously stopped catching except for the odd fish.

The final weigh in revealed that Bob Edwards had indeed won the day with a fantastic 251-12-0, very well deserved and well fished Bob. Miles behind in second was Mark Beard with 183-13-0, third was Terry Benson with 129-0-0 and Gary Fishlock weighed in 116-14-0.

Our guest, Warren Peaty, caught a very creditable 172-12-0, well fished Warren.

Well done all.

Mark Beard

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15th October 2017

Chart Fishery Match Lake

The weather gods had promised us 20 plus degrees today with light to medium winds. I really must change my weather report website!

A long story short, I drew the wrong end, such is life, and sport for me was ridiculously slow in the morning. When I did catch is was the much smaller carp and the bountiful rudd were doing my swede in!

Please don't get me wrong, these are all beautiful to catch but do very little for the weight you need to compete on this lovely venue. Bob Edwards was miles ahead of everybody by the allotted lunchtime weigh in. I was winning our end for three pegs, but with only 52 pound weight, I'd struggle to trouble for the top places.

With the midday weigh in completed and refurbishing my appetite and a coffee I decided to be really positive in the afternoon and fed a couple of margin swims. To be honest, it really worked for about two hours, the fishing was fabulous. Carp to thirteen pound with many smaller ones around three to four pounds were caught which really added to my final weight, but sadly it died on me for the last hour.

Bob Edwards fished a cracking match to win the day with 327-0-0, very well angled Bob. In the process he set a new club venue record, again many congratulations Bob. Terry Benson was second with 271-15-0, third was Andrew Williams with 263-10-0 and fourth was Mark Beard with 181-6-0.

Well done all.

Mark Beard

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29th October 2017

Tylers Common - Willow Lake

A typical mid autumn day greeted us on our visit to Tylers Common. The clocks had gone back and we was afforded an extra hour in bed.

The walk down 'Cardiac Hill' was much easier since I'd purchased my barrow platform except that due to gradient of the aforementioned hill the trolley seemed determined to race away from my grip, taking me with it! Thank fully it wasn't successful!

We had plenty of pegs to choose from (Thank you Tylers management) and I was happy with my peg. The wind was coming over my right hand shoulder for most of the day although at times it was quite cold and when the sun popped out on the odd occasion it was very pleasant.

The morning was predictably slow due to the colder nights, but the sport really picked up in the afternoon. A walking passer-by stopped to enquire how it was fishing but unfortunately was keen to stand right over my margin swim. I asked him politely to move away, only to be told "I was a miserable *** (add your own expletive!) And hoped I would finish last!" His wish came true! Don't you just love match fishing sometimes? :-)

Bob Edwards fished a superb match to win the day with 276-10-0, very well fished Bob. Terry Benson was a close second with 261-6-0, third was Dave Ford with 165-2-0 and fourth was Dave Barr with 149-15-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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12th November 2017

Hartleylands Reservoir Lake

This lake is my favourite lake on this lovely venue. It can be moody, it's deep and despite the main species being carp, it does hold a fabulous amount of silver fish. The winner can come from any peg and weights are generally close as there were four forty pound plus weights on my bank and that for me makes for a fair match.

The only downside is, being a fairly open venue, if there's any inclement weather about as there was for our match, sitting in the teeth of a 20 mile an hour cold NW wind straight in your face isn't every ones cup of tea and that's what I faced today! :-)

My pole stayed in the rod bag as float presentation would be next to useless and I don't mind a day on the tip.

Bob Edwards continued his fine run of form with his deserved fourth win in succession with a winning weight of 57-11-0. Mark Beard was second with 48-12-0, Gary Fishlock was third with 48-3-0 and Andrew Williams was fourth with 45-8-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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26th November 2017

Lucks Lane Fishery

Another season has nearly come to a close and with match 19 out of 20 we were at Lucks Lane today.

The carp have begun to shoal up tightly again in their usual winter haunts and the draw bag can really make or break your day. The 'tree peg' is usually the favoured peg once the cold sets in and I was as far away from it as possible, such is the power of my drawing arm!

To be fair, we all had plenty of water to explore and locating these carp can be tricky but it makes for an interesting day.

Everybody started off really slowly with just the one carp caught by Andy who had drawn the 'tree peg. It was a good 75 minutes before I had my first bite, only a small carp, but a start. Unfortunately it was a loner and that line didn't yield another fish all day. By the midday break I'd had 5 carp, but nothing of any size and no pattern of bites had emerged so it was just a case of very frugal feeding and being very patient and waiting for your next fish.

As is always the case, I had a 5 pound carp on the first cast after the break and then nothing again. The rest of the afternoon carried on much the same with another four carp between 1 and 2 pm then nothing for the last hour, very frustrating!

Andy meanwhile had found the carp by the tree willing to feed and was putting a few together as was Dave Ford on the 'winter carp' peg. Bob Edwards, pegged next to Andrew, had also intermittently caught fish and they looked to be the framing pegs. Most others, including myself had struggled, such is cool weather carping.

The final weigh in came and the scales indeed showed that Andy Williams had won the day with his first match win with LGAC with a hard earned 49-3-0. Very well done Andy and fully deserved. Dave Ford was second with 43-0-0, Bob Edwards was third with 41-5-0 and Mark Beard was fourth with 28-10-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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3rd December 2017

Pittlands Lake A - Silverfish Only

We had an idea that this would be a tough match in terms of the number of bites and fish we would catch due to a couple of recent practice sessions. And so it turned out to be. I had my one and only indication at 2.12 pm which resulted in a decent skimmer, that's how hard it was, one fish to show for my efforts! Odd better fish were caught with small silvers to make up catches, but it was a real struggle.

Andrew Williams managed to put a decent net of mainly skimmers to record his second match win in succession for a winning weight of 7-13-0, very well fished Andrew. Gary Fishlock was second with 6-5-0, third was Dave Barr with 6-1-0 and fourth was Ross McGilvery with 4-14-0.

Our guest for the day John Brady weighed in a well earned 10-3-0, very well done John. Well done All.

Another very enjoyable season comes to an end. We have a new Club Champion, Terry Benson, very well done Terry on an outstanding year. In truth, I am so pleased that Terry became our new club champion, not only was it thoroughly deserved, for the hard work he puts into his fishing, he really is an asset to our club with all he does with LGAC. Runner up was Mark Beard, many congratulations gentlemen. New club venue and personal weights were bettered, in all another good year, very well done to all. Many congratulations to all our competition/trophy winners and participants. Individual achievements may be seen within our results pages.

My personal thank you to our committee, captains, scales persons, members and guests for all your efforts this year. Your company, competition and banter are much appreciated. A special thank you to Ross, Bob E', Terry and our web site guru for all the hard work you do behind the scenes, and to anyone else who helps towards the running of our successful club.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all and your loved ones a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2018, and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Mark Beard

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