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Match Reports 2019

Welcome to our Match Reports page. There will not necessarily be a report on every match and nor will it be a blow by blow account, more of a general personal view of the day by the writer.

There will also occasionally be items on other matters such as waters that we have visited, tackle shops etc.

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17th March 2019

Pittlands Lake A

It's surprising how quickly it comes around to the beginning of our new season, but despite a bit of running around to get some last minute preparation done I was ready and looking forward to this match.

The weather forecast was for a cloudy and windy day, they weren't wrong. Add a bit of sun, rain and the occasional hailstone fall, we certainly experienced the four seasons in one day!

Everything needed battening down as some of the gusts of wind would of encouraged tackle breakages and losses and fishing a long length of pole was not really the way to go.

The fishing was generally steady and your typical early spring day. You would catch a couple of fish and then that line would die on you and you would have to explore elsewhere within your peg for further fish.

The carp would always play an important result in this match. Our eventual winner, Terry Williamson, had a final 90 minutes that catapulted him to a fine win on the day when his margin line finally came alive with some good carp to ten pounds caught on worm. Terry's weight of 53-6-0 was well ahead of second place Mark Beard who weighed in 36-7-0, well angled Terry. Bob Edwards was a close third with 33-14-0 and Andrew Williams was fourth with 31-4-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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31st March 2019

Pittlands Lake C

This is one of my favourite lakes on this lovely complex. It holds a very good stock of every sort of silver fish especially skimmers and the carp range from a few ounces to upper mid doubles. It can be a bit moody at times but offers plenty of sport to the discerning angler if you're prepared to ring the changes and work at your tactics.

The lake had fished indifferently in the previous week with rain and warmish days followed by cool night temperatures, pretty much typical for this time of year. The brisk cold north easterly winds didn't do us any favours and probably slowed the sport on our match. It was hard going at times with long spells in between bites and fishing even a short pole length was a real effort.

Peg 1 is the form draw on this lake and if the carp are at home it's a very difficult peg to beat, but you've still got to catch them!

Andrew Williams made no mistake and returned a well earned 52-9-0 from peg 1, very well angled Andrew. Terry Williamson was second with 40-13-0, Mark Beard was third with 24-15-0 and Bob Edwards was fourth with 17-4-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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14th April 2019

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 6

Cold night temperatures for the last week were always going to have a say in the final outcome of the weights as the fish are still shoaled up in certain pegs and consequently a favourable draw was needed.

Also with a severe undertow moving the float against the easterly wind direction it was difficult to work out were your feed was settling. One minute the F1's would be happy to settle in three foot of water and you would catch three or four fish, then a move was needed to slightly deeper water to continue catching. It's very interesting fishing given the fickle nature of F1's but equally very frustrating at times!

Mark Beard won the day with a weight of 120-9-0 followed very closely by Andrew Williams who was second with 118-4-0 and Dave Barr was third with 116-6-0. Bob Edwards was fourth with 99-1-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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28th April 2019

Arrans House Side

Well, it was back to thermals and winter wear for our latest match at Arrans, and with the barometric air pressure akin to a yoyo, the fishing was always going to be difficult. Cold winds and the odd shower thrown in, it was a struggle to string any fish together. All that said, nothing ever surprises me in match fishing, I don't think I've ever fed so little at an Arrans match before at this time of year.

One angler who got it dead right on the day was our eventual winner Andrew Williams, who weighed in 137-1-0, well angled Andrew. Paul Veal was a close second with 121-6-0, third was Bob Edwards with 88-4-0 and fourth was Terry Williamson with 84-5-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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12th May 2019

Lucks Lane Fishery

A typical warmish mid spring day greeted us on our first visit to Lucks Lane this year, but the water was still fairly cold. When the sun was out it was lovely and warm but accompanying cold North easterly winds blew across the lake and that definitely had the carp confused as they didn't know whether to start their annual nuptials or not. The previous three days had seen plenty of rainfall into the lake so I had the feeling the fishing maybe a little difficult.

A recent addition of a few carp up to 16 pounds would also add to a healthy stock of fish at this lovely fishery. The onsite cafe was also open again and we were met by one of the owners, Vicky, who are smashing hosts, really welcoming and it's a great place to spend a few hours with friends in such beautiful surroundings. Further backside work with comfortable swims to enjoy your days sport also adds to your enjoyment.

The fishing was challenging but interesting, there wasn't a standout bait or method on the day and swapping around to various parts of your swim was the way to go. The carp do follow the wind on this lake and this was definitely an advantage if you were facing the wind.

Bob Edwards won the day with a weight of 95-11-0, very well fished Bob. Mark Beard was second with 92-1-0, third was Ross McGilvery with 74-3-0 and fourth was Terry Williamson with 68-13-0.

Bob also caught a grass carp, possibly the first we've ever seen from Lucks and Ross did well to land a couple of catfish of 14 pound and 5 pound to add to a very enjoyable day. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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19th May 2019

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 10

The less said about this match, probably for the better!

I always felt this match could be a bit of a 'grueller/mare' and it proved to be, such are the joys of match fishing at times!

As with all matches there has to be a winner, and Ross McGilvery fished a good match to win the day with 26-8-0, well angled Ross. Bob Edwards was in second place with 16-12-0, third was Andrew Williams with 11-14-0 and Dave Ford was fourth with 9-14-0. Well done all on a very trying day. Fortunately the company was much better!

Mark Beard

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2nd June 2019

Monks Lake 3

With probably the warmest day fishing wise we've had so far this year, fortunately we were afforded plenty of room by the Monk Lakes management on this lovely lake. With fish looking towards their annual nuptials it can be a difficult time to fish. An exploratory recce by a couple of our members revealed that the abundant silver fish in this lake might be a favoured option to angle for.

Fortunately for us the fish weren't really in spawning mode, although going by the nodules on the resident skimmers heads it would be happening soon. A warm south/south west wind was blowing down the lake towards peg 122/123 and I fancied a peg down this end of the lake. Typical of my drawing hand of late I drew peg 113 up the opposite end! :-) I couldn't be disappointed really; peg 113 is a lovely peg to fish, so many options available to the angler, it's easy to confuse yourself if you're not careful. An end peg with extensive reed beds to your left and an option to fish to the opening to that goes through to the rear part of Lake 3, but this holds the remnants of an old paddle aerator with loads of snags and the resident carp know where everyone of them is!

I had a couple of casts towards the reed beds but I couldn't find a clear spot with debris coming back on the end terminal tackle virtually every time. Shorter casts clear of the reed beds were cleaner but yielded no fish so mainly concentrated on open water and my right hand margin.

The fishing wasn't hectic but in between waits you had bursts of fish, mainly from quality skimmers and the odd better carp which is usually the way on this lake. Unusually for me I didn't fish down the margins until the last 45 minutes. Seven carp, and all but one of them was a double, was a lovely way to finish the day.

Mark Beard won the match with 146-4-0; Andrew Williams was second with 136-11-0, third was Terry Benson with 129-8-0 and fourth was Bob Edwards with 126-0-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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16th June 2019

New Claygate - Lake Sophie

Lake Sophie is a lovely lake to fish, but does present its own set of unique possibilities/problems to how you approach to fish it. It relatively deep at roughly 7 foot in places, steep margins and covered on both banks by overgrowing trees and shrubbery.

Dave Ford managed to forget his barrow wheels! Paul Veal very kindly let him use his motorised barrow. It was clear our Dave will need extra driving lessons as when piloting said barrow at the end of the day he nearly exited stage right, through a hedge!!

On our visit there was a stiff southerly/SW wind and intermittent rain for most of the morning which presented its own problems when fishing a long pole.

The Fish wanted to feed in shallower water and you must adapt your tactics to suit. Its interesting fishing, as fish seem to be caught in spells before having to adjust your methods to start catching again. End pegs tend to dominate the results but you still have to get it right as final weights can be close from adjacent pegs.

Terry Benson fished a fine match to win with his estimated "70 pounds" which was actually weighed in at 109-6-0! Very well angled Terry, I wish you were my bank manager! :-) Second place was Ross McGilvery with 107-0-0, third was Paul Veal with 66-14-0 and fourth was Mark Beard with 64-0-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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30th June 2019

Hartley Lands - Peartree

We last fished this lake in July 2005 and at that time it contained mainly small carp. I remember the match very well as I was "Maureened" of the next peg in a very close match with only one fish separating our two top weights. I waggler fished corn on that day and can remember it being quite windy and having to catapult corn in ones and twos to get any kind of accuracy around my float.

Fast forward nearly 14 years and much has changed. The venue has new owners and Pear Tree Lake reputedly holds carp to 20 pounds and a healthy number of Silver fish. Recent match weights suggested 100 pounds would frame and a recent recce visit showed the abundance of small silvers could be problematic while angling for the better sized fish.

A fairly warm day was forecast with a strange swirly wind that seemed to approach you from all directions probably due to the topography of the lake and surrounding trees. Plumbing up revealed a decent depth and a double shelf but the lake bed felt very soft and any volume of bait presented on this resulted in the water 'fizzing' and strange indications on the float. Paul Veal pegged next to me had the right Idea, shallow fishing or finding shallower water tight across to the island if you could find a gap amongst the overhanging trees.

The day passed quickly and the fishing was never hectic. We caught in sporadic moments but my fish were of generally a small size, but a very enjoyable day and the local ducks certainly know the sound of a pellet hitting the water!

Mark Beard won the day with 104-7-0 closely followed by Paul Veal with 97-15-0. Bob Edwards was third with 95-6-0 and fourth was Andrew Williams with 72-2-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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21st July 2019

Tricklebrook Fishery Match Lake

It was good to see so many members were present for this match. Our club welcomed new member Trevor Brooks. Thank you for joining LGAC Trevor, and we hope you enjoy your time with our club.

A warm overcast day was forecast, but thankfully a gentle wind kept us cool. Water levels were down by at least 18 inches due to the recent warm weather but plenty of fish were seen to be moving around.

The match lake can be moody, there's plenty of fish to be caught, but they can take some catching. Fishing to any available cover is a bonus but the central island has plenty of snags around it in the way of tree roots, over hanging branches, weed etc so it can be a balancing act between extracting the fish and avoiding any tackle losses. The lake produces reasonably close weights so every fish landed is vital.

Terry Williamson fished a superb match and with the help of some margin carp later on, he easily won the day with a well caught 185-8-0, very well angled Terry and a new LGAC lake record. Terry Benson was second with 100-12-0, third was Ross McGilvery with 98-10-0 and fourth was Bob Edwards with 98-8-0. Paul Veal who was just out of the main frame with a very creditable fifth place with 98-6-0, well done all.

Mark Beard

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4th August 2019

Lucks Lane Fishery

I always enjoy the fishing here, you never know what weight is likely to win/frame in the matches or indeed what baits the carp will be willing to feed on. Ongoing improvements now include a new tarmac slipway to the lake, new shuttering to various swims with a slight change to peg renumbering and a cafe which supplies food and drink.

It was a warmish day with the slight wind pushing into the bank I was on which is always a good thing here as the fish follow the wind on this lake. It was slow going for the first half of our match, carp were reluctant to feed on the bottom and fishing shallow would only produce the odd fish before they would shy off again. It took me nearly forty minutes to get my first fish and by our midday break I only weighed in 30 pounds.

The afternoon passed quickly, as it always does, but the fishing was never frantic and it was obvious you had to rest swims after a few fish and always have another option to fish to. Best bait on the day for me was maggot or corn, but fed frugally or you would have no end of frustrating liners to deal with.

Mark Beard won the day with 125-8-0 followed closely by Terry Williamson with 117-10-0. Ross McGilvery was third with 77-1-0 and fourth was Andrew Williams with 58-9-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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18th August 2019

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 5

Definitely a day of two Halves for me and a little annoyed with myself for missing the 'bleeding obvious'..'Every day is a school day!' :-)

This lake is/was predominately stocked with F1', silvers and a few carp. So started on the bottom, and once liners occur come up shallow for the F1's is usually the way to go on here. WRONG!

The lake has recently received a plentiful stocking of regular carp, but strangely I didn't catch any shallow in the morning. I couldn't see anyone around the lake because of the abundant reed growth and island opposite me to give me any clues of what was going on. I felt my catch weight was alright and generally improves as the day progresses in this peg.

A chance conversation with the owner on his rounds confirmed the new stocking and I completely rethought my match and approach. Lessons learnt.

Andrew Williams fished a fine match to win the day with 172-15-0, well angled Andrew, followed closely in second place by Terry Williamson with 164-3-0. Paul Veal was third with 149-8-0 and Mark Beard was fourth with 149-0-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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1st September 2019

Monks Lake 2

I can't believe we've just fished match 13 of our season, where does the time go to?

The drive down to Staplehurst was uneventful and plain sailing except for the road works on the M20 between junctions 3 to 5 with its 50 mph speed limits and never to be seen workforce! I stopped for the usual breakfast replenishment and pondered what the day had in store for me.

The usual wait in the queue outside locked gates gave me time to finish my coffee and talk to other match persons, exchanging stories and woes from previous matches and possible pegs one would like to draw on the various lakes at this lovely venue. All too soon the watch indicated 7.00 am and the usual "Wacky Races" scenario ensued as anglers proceeded to get to the best car parking positions nearest to their designated match lakes! With the wagon parked up and the beginning of the plethora of junk we match persons take ready to be loaded onto the 'Penrose' pram my telephone shrilled into life. A fellow club member was wondering of my whereabouts as I'm usually the first person to arrive at our match venues, I assured him I was already there. :-)

We had been afforded plenty of room on Lake 2 (thank you Monk Lakes management); a gentle but cool north westerly wind blew down the lake. Into the bag of dreams I delved and pulled out Peg 51, about as far away from my intended corner peg preferences as I could have wished for!

It's generally a slow start on Lake 2 but the first cast produced a 10 pound common carp to banded 6mm pellet quickly followed up with three small skimmers and soon allayed any hopes of a true bagging day. The two opposite bank end pegs (55 to 66) were showing their worth and I realised very quickly that third place was probably the best that I could achieve today. Half time break arrived with probably 40 pounds in the keepnet with the afternoon passing just as quickly. The left hand margin sprung into life, albeit briefly, to produce a handful of good size fish to rescue my day.

Terry Williamson weighed in a tremendous 274-2-0 for first place, well angled Terry and thoroughly deserved mate. Second place was Bob Edwards with 216-0-0 and a mile behind in third place was Mark Beard with 136-14-0. Fourth place was occupied by Dave Barr with 126-7-0. Well done all.

As a footnote; Ex LGAC member and very good friend Simon Glendinning has very recently got married. Many congratulations and best wishes to you both from all at LGAC, and Simon, please report to my office first thing on Monday morning for further advice! ;-). And good luck mate with your new school job, see you soon.

Mark Beard

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15th September 2019

Tylers Common - Ash Lake

A late summer's match at Tylers Common is usually met with a flurry of good close weights; unfortunately this day was a very low weight affair although framing weights were close.

It was sunny accompanied by a warm southerly wind and plenty of carp could be seen enjoying the warmth of the early morning Sun but I noticed very quickly how fast they seemed to swimming around and experience has taught me that days like this can prove to be difficult. Margin fish seen in copious numbers soon melted away as soon as I gently put my seat box quietly into position confirmed my earlier thoughts.

It took me nearly an hour to catch my first fish and was a real struggle and that really set the pattern for the day. Catch a couple of fish and then sat there patiently for the next bite, feeding very little bait and making sure every fish you hooked was landed.

Dave Ford won the day with a much deserved 64-2-0, well angled Dave. Mark Beard was second with 45-4-0; Terry Williamson was third with 41-11-0 and fourth was Dave Barr with 41-2-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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29th September 2019

Chart Fishery Match Lake

It was certainly a case of battening down the hatches as we was battered by twenty mile an hour southerly winds and rain for most of the morning which made fishing difficult and uncomfortable but plenty of bites were still to be had. The midday weights (venue rule, maximum 60 pound per net) recorded some unbelievable figures and showed Terry Williams had over 200 pounds and Paul Veal and Bob Edwards weren't far behind. My paltry 120 pounds was absolute miles behind!

The rain finally abated but it was still windy and the weights were even better in the afternoon. The second half of the day absolutely flew by and my five keep nets indicated it had indeed been a very busy afternoon and I was shattered.

Terry Williams was first with a fantastic weight of 493-15-0, a new LGAC venue record, very well angled Terry. Bob Edwards was second with 461-0-0; Mark Beard was third with 386-1-0 and fourth was Paul Veal with 356-14-0. Well done all.

Footnote: The bailiff informed us before our match that a number of fish will be removed from the match lake for future matches from next year.

Mark Beard

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13th October 2019

Tylers Common - Willow Lake

Our last match before the clocks traditionally go back was met with another windy day and it started raining around lunchtime.

The fish responded well on Willow and everyone was virtually catching from the off. We were fortunate to have the wind off our back on our side of the lake but most of the fish were concentrated at no more than four pole sections. Small amounts of feed seemed best but my fish wouldn't stay in one area too long before I had to find were they had moved to again.

Terry Williamson fished another fine match to win the day with a fantastic 302-7-0, well angled Terry. Bob Edwards was second with 251-4-0, Andrew Williams was third with 222-6-0 and Mark Beard was fourth with 196-12-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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27th October 2019

Orchard Place Farm - Lake 6

A beautiful autumnal day greeted us, although it was a bit chilly in the early morning sun. The extra hours sleep last night was welcome and it was good to be out and about in this lovely part of Kent.

My drawn peg was on the end of the spit between two trees and has an island directly in front of you. It looks perfect but with sub surface trailing branches and electrical wires from the aerators it is a veritable snag pit and the fish know where these snags are! Plus of course if you are unfortunate enough to pull out of a fish it's sods law your rigs will be lost in the accompanying trees. The island in front of you holds a lot of fish which can be played out in deeper water which probably offers the best chance of a weight of fish. Unfortunately the swim directly opposite me was soon occupied by a day ticket angler who fished to the same island and all that was happening is we were probably sharing the shame shoal of fish which were pushed around the island as we caught them and spooked their shoal mates.

Excuses out of the way! I fished a poor match and made too many wrong choices and deservedly finished in last position. I did have a peg with the least bank side mud on it, so all was not lost! :-) Watching fellow anglers performing their version of "Swan Lake" in the accompanying mud made me smile and was some comfort to my dismal performance on the day!

Bob Edwards won the day with an excellent weight of 251-6-0, well angled Bob. Terry Benson was second with 228-8-0; Andrew Williams was third with 225-1-0 and fourth was Dave Barr with 144-2-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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10th November 2019

Hartley Lands Reservoir

This lake has always been a favourite of mine, I admit it can be very peggy/moody especially in the cooler months when the mainly predominately carp stock begin to move to their favoured winter quarters. There's a healthy stock of silvers, but again they are not in every peg. End pegs generally dominate but I enjoy the challenges this lake offers.

Unfortunately this was to be our last match on the Reservoir Lake as the management at Hartley Lands have decided not to offer this lake for match bookings anymore. This of course is their prerogative but I will miss match fishing this interesting lake.

We hadn't match fished it for two years due to the popularity/demand for clubs booking it for matches of which there was often a two year waiting list. The previous seven days had seen rain everyday but fortunately the rain abated for our visit and it was a lovely day with little wind and sunshine for most of the day.

Dave Barr fished a fine match to win the day with a lovely mixed bag of carp and silvers for a final weight of 68-3-0. Well fished Dave and fully deserved. Second was Terry Benson with 51-11-0. Third was Bob Edwards with 50-3-0 and fourth was Dave Ford with 49-13-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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24th November 2019

Lucks Lane Fishery

Another mild overcast day with light winds made for a pleasant day but the carp have definitely gone into winter mode as the fishing was quite difficult. It really was a case of making every fish count with long waits in between bites.

Foul hooking was a problem for some as carp were off the bottom. Although saying that I caught most of my carp on the feeder rod, but still managed to foul hook one carp.

Bob Edwards made the best of a favoured end swim and produced the winning weight of 114-7-0, well angled Bob. Andrew Williams was second with 91-13-0; Mark Beard was third with 64-10-0 and fourth was Dave Barr with 58-7-0. Well done all.

Mark Beard

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1st December 2019

Pittlands Lake A

Our final match of our 2019 season was at the lovely Pittlands Fishery complex on Lake A. With the copious amounts of recent rain and the dropping temperatures of the last few nights it was always going to be a tricky match to fish. This very shallow lake holds a tremendous amount of silver fish and lots of carp and as always at this time of year the draw bag can make or break your day.

The Champions League 2019 had come down to the final match with Bob Edwards and Mark Beard both equal on points after match 19. In a strange way it was good that we both had pegs that can throw up the odd carp so it would probably be a close result in the end, and so it proved.

The day really belonged to Terry Williamson who has had a really consistent season. Terry's peg for the day was behind the island (when viewed from the cafe) where he proceeded to have a fantastic day and land 163-13-0 of carp to win the match on a simple bait, bread. Yes carp were balled up in that area, but you've still got to catch them. Many congratulations Terry on an excellent weight and a new LGAC record for the lake.

Mark Beard was second with 25-6-0, Bob Edwards was third with 14-11-0 and Ross McGilvery was fourth with 6-8-0. It had been a tough but a very enjoyable day and for a change it started to rain as we packed up! Well done all. I'll post a final set of figures of weights and achievements when I've had a chance to collate them all.

Finally, a big "thank you" to all who have attended and taken part in our matches this year, for your help, and especially to Ross McGilvery and helpers who organise/book our matches and look after the accounts for our club. A special mention for our web guru, your help and expertise are much appreciated by us all. The banter and company as always has been first class, long may it continue.

I wish you all and your loved ones a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. See you all next year for our 2020 season.

Mark Beard

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